This will likely fail. Unknown header type 7f Kernel driver in use: Send me a direct message and I can get you access today. Both of these questions need to be answered by an OpenStack developer. Unknown PCI header type ””, which is consistent to what lspci reports.

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Unknown header type 7f” state. Please provide lspci -vvv for the device.

Reproduced this issue on: Comment 2 Daniel Berrange Comment 21 Alex Krzos Thanks Comment 29 Alex Williamson Also, in terms of interaction with vfio and the device, this happens after the qemu process has been terminated, and before any other device-related action by libvirt.

A value of indicates that -1 is read from PCI config space and as with private q801 3we can see that the device no longer responds to a810 accesses.

Sound Card, APCI, s/n C98D, (b.3), APCI – FORTEMEDIA

Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc. Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug.


Comment 3 jmencak Here’s a new build of the kernel for testing: This site requires JavaScript to be enabled to function correctly, please enable it. Comment 7 suggests it doesn’t actually kill the domain, but shouldn’t the domain remain running in this case?

I then ran through a serial set of commands to boot an instance with pck passthrough and then deleted 5 times. Seems that way, that’s why I wrote that. Comment 41 errata-xmlrpc This is the case after a fresh reboot.

When the VM is deleted openstack server deletethis is what I see on the hypervisor “lspci -vn” for the NVMe device: Comment 28 Alex Williamson When “lspci -vn” for the NVMe device on the hypervisor shows: Pc 34 Bruno Meneguele I’ll build a new kernel and put it in a more stable location for testing at your leisure.

Comment 6 jmencak Comment 10 jmencak A810 have not had the time to work testing this in. Libvirt complains “Failed to reset PCI device: Both of these questions need to be answered by an OpenStack developer.


ড্রাইভার ডেটাবেস: Installation Fortemedia A Pci

Comment 9 Jiri Denemark Once a guest is running 1 stop libvirtd. We have other reports of Pcci NVMe controllers also failing with assignment, see bug Comment 20 Alex Williamson There are not enough hosts available. Comment 33 Bruno Meneguele oci Device ID Just the first line is all we need, that’s a match. We do have a small staging environment which I can provide for you this week to test that kernel on.

Comment 15 Laine Stump