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If you put your abi or a PSU that pumps out power with a lot of ripple it may effect stability and your hardware’s life. I think I’m limited by heat too.

Abit IPE Price, Specifications, Features, Reviews, Comparison Online – Compare India News18

Advanced Chipset Features Usb Storage Function Stay on a 1: Intel Matrix Storage Manager Mar 10, 5. Child of WonderMar 11, I am speaking to pushing your chip to it’s MHz limit on 1. Its relatively simple to achieve a decent overclock without too much mucking around with things but its important to make note of what you do and what the side effects are.


I’ve looked on the Abit forums for a guide to overclocking with the IPE but no luck.

I definitely recommend this board. It’s running hot though still.

Abit IP35-E overclocking

You may also try something other than 1: BlacklashMar 11, The IPE in the other hand would look right at home in a modder’s case as it really does look the part. Manually set your ram to its proper voltage. Ethernet Ethernet controller presence Ethernet controller presence.

You can tighten later when you are sure you are stable. For my chip it goes like this; 3.

Set the CPU to x8 with stock volts. One is pushing air into the HS and the other pulling it out.

9-way Intel P35 motherboard round-up

RAM Triplel-channel mode support. Mar 12, NoNRGMar 20, Intel Architecture Day. Just read up on some overclocking guides around the internet.

Anyone had much luck with this board? I hope it works out.


Mine quit posting, my brothers sound went out, and another friend’s sata port is barely connected. Here’s the weird part. The fan doesn’t seem to move much air so I might try a different one to see if I can get better temps out of it.

OldPuebloMar 22, All the key components such as the xbit and southbridge chips are in the same place along with the CPU socket. Temps are a bit high at around 60C with a Tuniq Tower and the stock fan at full speed. You could try booting with one stick and elevating your voltage where it needs to be if this happens.