Only the current robotic request completes, then the CAP goes offline immediately. For more information, see “query scratch” Enter scratch cartridges into the library. The cartridges with the earliest access date are at the top of the list, with the most recently used cartridges at the bottom of the list. All recorded locations for the cartridge have been searched, and the cartridge is not in any of them. To mount a scratch cartridge from the common pool pool 0 with media type of TT2 on drive 0,0,10, For example, if you incorrectly defined a data cartridge as a cleaning cartridge, set the cartridge’s cleaning cartridge attribute off to redefine the cartridge as a data cartridge.

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ACSLS canceled the requested command.


You should call for service. Vary type identifier failed, ACS online. Depending on the installation, an Disllay application is an aggregate consisting of up to seven services that are installed on the Solaris or Linux system: ACSLS deletes the volume entry from the database. Once ACSLS has been installed and configured with the attached library, the application can be enabled with the command, acsss enable. Identifying E xpire d Cartridges When tape cartridges exceed their design life, the media can wear thin, and mechanical parts, like the cartridges’ gate wearing out.


You must enclose this value in quotes ” “. ACSLS entered the specified virtual cartridge.

Display Command Reference

SL allows for cartridges to be moved to a specific cell. The following table shows the results of vary online for each ACS component. They do not require a dismount force to rewind and unload a cartridge.

Empty pool 1 by reassigning its cartridges to pool 5: Examples To display all CAP data: By adjusting the start-up parameters in this file, you can avoid ACSLS startup problems introduced by an abnormal library startup condition. The following message appears for each created or modified pool: Cartridges marked for ejection but not actually ejected during the first audit are no longer in the database and are not under ACSLS control.

Uses up all cleaners at the same time.

The CAP is now available for another operation, such as enter or audit. Cleaning cartridges that were reported as spent used-up by tape drives are not reported. Table Cartridge Enter Commands. TA and TB with 1. Dismounting a cartridge from a drive “dismount” Making a CAP manual mode ready to enter labelled cartridges into the library “enter” Displaying CAP status “query cap” Displaying drive status “query drive” Displaying the lock status of a drive or cartridge “query lock” Displaying the status of media-compatible drives for a specified data cartridge “query mount” Displaying the location and media type of a cartridge “query volume” Setting CAP mode manual or automatic “set cap mode” Setting CAP selection priority “set cap priority” Making a CAP ready to dispaly unlabeled cartridges into the library “venter”.


At the UNIX command prompt, enter: ACSLS specified that the cleaning cartridge is not valid for drive cleaning. Usage Use the set lock command to set or change your lock ID. ACSLS mounted the specified cartridge.

STK Libraries Attached to ACSLS Server – Overview

Occurs when the CAP is taken from offline to online. Notice that ACSLS returns the cartridge to an available storage cell, even if the label is unreadable or missing.

Note the following syntax rules: Make sure you remove all ejected cartridges from the CAP. Use the vary command to vary the ACS online. The number of cartridges in the specified scratch pool is greater than or equal to the high volume threshold. Success Messages The following message appears when a set command succeeds: This option also forces a dismount, even if the drive dissplay not unloaded.

The drive zcsls is basically a power supply for the drive without any smarts.