When a packet is 78 received, the DMA logic generates an interrupt. For linux, the kernel driver uses signal to notify the mmd about an interrupt from the pcie. Up to sixteen slave interrupt sources can be connected; IRQ 0 through In addition, this file includes a signal handler for ctrlc event. See chapter 7 for more information. Set 1 when the transfer is not aligned properly. This statistic is the number of outbound packets not transmitted even though an error was not detected.

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All rights reserved library ieee; use ieee.

The read and write engines work independently; read requests are handled in order of submission and write request are handled in order of submission. This statistic is a count of the number of packets received that were addressed to the broadcast address.

linux/altera_sgdma.c at master · git-mirror/linux · GitHub

Lancero scatter gather adds high performance sgdma engines on 64bit buses besides a 32bit control bus. This architecture is designed to provide a systematic means of. Please review the entire quiz first and then budget your time carefully. This patch adds a bindings description for the altera triple speed ethernet tse driver.


The engine is then started. The sopc2dts tool is used to create the 22 device tree for the driver, and may be found at rocketboards. After page 28 Lancero Manual 1. Bus Interfaces Different types of buses: Altera tse sgdma and msgdma linux driver copyright c altera corporation.

Set 1 when the engine could not fetch a descriptor due to a PCI Express completion timeout. A user space application is written performing alhera memory mapping of all components from physical space into the user space.

So first you need to understand the linux model for platform devices. The masters can share one bus or have dedicated seperate buses. The base addresses for the Lancero components are: Since its creation in the early s Linux has been installed on millions of computers or embedded systems.

Altera sgdma linux driver

For example, the PCIe bus address that corresponds with memory in the Root Complex is a remote address. Set 1 after the engine completed a descriptor. Indicates that there is no break between the current line and the next line. Re set during PCIe configuration.

The main code starts by including the header file sfdma for the system and by defining some parameters:. Bluegiga Technologies assumes no responsibility for.


Altera Triple Speed Ethernet (TSE) Driver

By default these are 0x resp. The technology that connects them is called the More information.

For out mini project we designed a serial port transmitter receiver, which uses the Baud rate protocol. The Lancero Linux device driver hides the control from the user. Objectives To describe the services an operating system provides to users, processes, and other systems To discuss the various ways of structuring an operating system Chapter 2: Driver supports mmap for direct, memory mapped access from your application to the target bus peripheral to remove the overhead of system calls.

Burst support on the Avalon bus. The zltera architectures were specificly tested: Refer to chapter 12 for support and contact information. You can now access this device like a file.

The application can then use memory access to read and write through the target bus.