Heck, even the support site was updated so one can find the drivers easier. Like I said; I’ve seen internal wifi adapters that crap out–and that’s not too unusual in laptops. It also gives Minority Report ‘s advertising a good name. Being able to do work and play on a compact design that can be stored away when not being used appeals to both power users, and aesthetics. The hardware itself is reliable, and the support has been in my experience better than most. Being an i7, this means hyperthreading is along for the ride too, offering eight threads on this beastly laptop. You could also replace the internal card if you can find on ebay; but of course you have to disassemble laptop to do that.

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G73JH-A1 – Portable Gaming Gets Serious

I would recommend an inexpensive upgrade to the Intel mini-pcie card. Unfortunately I have terrible cell reception in my home, so the call was dropped before any problems could g73jhh resolved. Similar Threads – Cant install Creative. This stress generates heat, and laptops are known for cramped spacing.

The G73JH weighs in at about 9 lbs. Budget ceative do not have BluRay capability, tho the drive is easily replaceable if it is so desired. See my Drivers Reference Page to download a Windows 7 update for that software. The quadcore i7 CPU is overkill for number crunching, and performs well for video encoding work utilizing Intel TurboBoost.


You can also easily expand storage using USB 2. Air is drawn in from the grill mesh above the keyboard, where the 2 speakers are, with hot air pushed out audgiy back. Improves 3D audio processing for host-based Sound Blaster audio devices.

Apple’s Touch Bar — a thin screen that replaces the function keys on the new MacBook As the title saysI had ploblem on installing asus audio driver but other drivers were installed propably. The unit also comes with an Azureware BT Bluetooth 2. USB allows for even greater expansion options. Other regions have various i5 options. It’s not under creatjve.

Cant install Creative Audigy ASUS G73JH | NotebookReview

Of note are the rubber feet that protect the bottom casing. If I hadn’t have been able to make them, the laptop would have had to go through the manual rebuild you are fighting with now.

Good, solid dot-pitch allows for easy reading of the text at standard sizes, and plenty of space for spreadsheets. Alienware 18 and M18x.

Thankfully though the keyboard is backlit, making it perfect for those late-night gaming sessions. An upgrade to the XM processor would make the laptop equivalent to a desktop i7 if overclocked properly, and would make a great portable workstation.


Some convection pulls in air from the front subwoofer hole, and from underneath where the hard drive bays are, but the pull is minimal. The cooling system has become a trademark of this series, and makes it unique from the competition. I do not smoke, so I don’t need to clean out my vents, nor do I have pets that shed. g73ih


I will give the hard drive a test as soon as I get a chance. A laptop cooler is not required for comfortable operation, and can be used on surfaces like a bed spread without significant effect. But, as I said, an update exists, and you will need a bootable USB flash drive to apply the patch.

Any other info anybody might have on the Express Gate issue would be greatly appreciated. And look out for HP, I heard they’re stepping into the gaming notebook market as well.

Asus G73Jh review: Asus G73Jh – CNET

It also gives Minority Xreative ‘s advertising a good name. Just peel them off, remove the existing 2-way sticky, and apply a drop or 2 of superglue, and reapply. Quality is average for a cam; useful but nothing to write home about. Every one of those I’ve touched has been a nightmare; people send computers to Pawnshops to die not be revived.