Once the hotspot is setup you can share your PC’s connection with other computers, tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Broadcom Bluetooth USB Are you using a standalone Router? Any advice on which manufacturers to consider or avoid? Is your WAP set to both b and g?

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Download Atheros AR Wireless Network Adapter for Windows 7 32bit

However, that said, you shouuld be able to get better than 2 nettsumbler 8Mb out of it. Now you have wireless support in Windows Server !

Message 6 of By using this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Rules of Participation. Am I missing something in the set up? Bus Device So again I really appreciate your patience with my lack of knowledge.

Based upon the fact that the Broadcom driver is installed on my machine, I’ll assume it is the Broadcom card, which I believe is the BCM We’ve even seen cases where changing the network driver version had an impact on the dBm readings. The move to a more modern ‘n’ router certainly improved reliability of wireless connection neystumbler still not perfect in old cottage.


They’re about quid here.

Qualcomm Atheros network adapter cuts out alot?

Any 1 with knowledge? So a 30×40 recangular aperture is theoretically the same as a 38cm diameter dish antenna. Non-Fpo The game makes me look stupid after every round.

I found that recent Win 10 update on hp. As a test, try removing security WPA and seeing the effect. Broadcom Broadcom has both Anyway I figured out how to restore the previous driver through driver roll back, which I have never used until today, it worked and now the wireless is working as normal.

They’re always a safe bet. Device installation is essentially a two-part process: I have found that only the cards based on Atheros Chipset are support by the http: Linksys was founded in by.

Therefore, I am relegated to sitting literally 3 feet away from the modem in order to get WiFi. Obviously some playing around with the router position could improve this however that’s hardly likely to improve my throughput significantly. What do i do?

The model number is Arris TC if that helps. Then unload ar99285 blacklist its driver. Propagation patterns are obviously dependent on your antenna and it’s orientation.


Wi-Fi Packet Sniffer and Analyzer Download – CommView for WiFi

Thanks hellsbrink, I’ll give that a go. Linksys, D-Link, Netgear and other major manufacturers commonly change the chipsets used in their wireless cards without changing the model number. Laptop Network Adapters – Amazon. If all else fails, is it possible to just get a Linksys card for the laptop instead of using the internal Broadcom?.

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Time to resurrect a long dormant thread. After you get a feel for the propagation in you environment you can try adding some reflectors to your access point. Broadband envy In the Czech Republic over Christmas as usual, I got chatting with a friend who lives in the city of Ostrava and who recently switched to a fibre connection to his apartment.

Mike, Are you sat in a datacentre?!?