Now’s the time for CrossFire?? The X cards have 3 pixel shaders on each pipeline instead of 1, giving a total of 48 pixel shader units. The X and X series fixes several flaws in the X design and adds a significant pixel shading performance boost. If you’re driving a big display at high res with an X XT, you may want to give it some help in the form of additional X XT cards that run alongside it. The R is the foundation for a line of DirectX 9. On a more serio Merry Christmas from The Tech Report staff!

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ATI’s Radeon X1650 XT graphics card

The chip also ups the vertex shader number from 6 on X to 8. Other improvements include x texture support rwdeon ATI’s 3Dc normal map compression sees an improvement in compression ratio for more specific situations. R and R had nearly identical memory controller designs, with the former being a bug fixed release designed for higher clock speeds. On a more serio If you have any questions about the article, or comments, or would like to see what others are saying about the ATI X XT, just hop into this thread in our forums to get in the discussion!

It almost seems that before ATI can get product on the shelf, they are behind once again with only a minor price adjustment.

ATI Radeon X1650 PRO

Although the amalgamation of letters and numbers behind “Radeon” might lead you to believe this card is a direct heir of the notoriously poky Radeon X XT, this puppy is much more potent than its predecessor. Home Reviews News Forums.


The X Pro is the first ATI card that supports native Crossfire implementation by a pair of internal Crossfire connectors, which eliminates the need for the unwieldy external dongle found in older Crossfire systems. The X XT has 24 pixel shader processors instead of 12; it has eight texturing units rather than four; and it can draw a healthy ocho pixels per clock, not just an anemic cuatro like the X XT before it.

The card was launched on August 23, Retrieved from ” https: With chips such as RV and R, where the number of shader units per pipeline triples, the efficiency of pixel shading drops off slightly because these shaders still have the same level of threading resources as the less endowed RV and R See article on R’s pixel shaders.

Using a Linux distribution a series of open source Radeon drivers are available. The X series has two parts, which are quite different with regards to performance. Let’s have a look. Under that pedestrian single-slot cooler lies a wildly transgressive graphics card, driven by a GPU that refuses to honor the boundaries of class or convention.

The chips have 4 texture units4 ROPs4 pixel shadersand 2 vertex shaderssimilar to the older X – X cards. Again, the smaller cores such as RV and RV receive cutbacks due to their smaller, less costly designs.

Customize The Tech Report This provides temporary storage necessary to keep the pipelines fed by having work available as much as possible.

A compatible HDCP display is also needed for this. That’s a distinct possibility thanks to the pair of internal CrossFire connectors on the top edge of the card. A quarter century tour; a Space Marine’s job is never done.

The R is the foundation for a line of DirectX 9. Now’s the time for CrossFire?? The chip’s single “quad” has 3 pixel shader processors per pipeline, similar to the design of R’s 4 quads.


It also gains three extra vertex atl, bringing the total to 5 units.

ATI’s Radeon X XT graphics card – The Tech Report – Page 1

The Radeon X video cards, that included a R, were released with a delay of several months because ATI engineers discovered a bug within the GPU in a very late stage of the development.

The two dual-link DVI rafeon come with full support for HDCP, so they can participate in the copy-protection schemes used by the latest high-def displays.

We’ve tested the X XT in a dual-card CrossFire config, and ATI has confirmed for us that they plan to enable support for more than two cards in CrossFire using staggered connectors at some point in the future, although we don’t know much more than that.

Webarchive template wayback links. Around the chip there are two bit ring buses running at the same speed as the DRAM chips, but in opposite directions 11650x reduce latency. This means that RV has the same texturing ability as the X at the same clock speed, but with its 12 pixel shaders it encroaches on X’s territory in shader computational performance.

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