Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Man with no head Ars Legatus Legionis Registered: As the role of the computer expanded, so did its audience. Jun 26, Posts: The GeForce is basically speed. Very nice part, not to pricey and what you trade in raw 3D speed, you get it back with superior 2D picture quality and DVD handling. So far as the other stuff, I’ve never seen one bit of difference.

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ATI 1025-g4434 Radeon 7000 32mb DDR AGP Video Card

Oct 10, Posts: And yes, I’ve had both. Primarily developed for business use, the world’s first personal computer was not targeted at individuals at all but rather at small businesses. One would think that with every member of the family possessing at least some knowledge of the computer, a computer would be quickly placed next to the TV. ag;

With PC games becoming more and more powerful, many households ddr themselves with gadeon one but two personal computers: Mon Jun 11, 5: It was not long after, however, that the personal computer finally met its target audience: And no problem so far with the latest Win2k drivers; kind of unexpected from ATi, but it’s working. Some have said the Matrox G cards look better than for example the ATis. Los Gatos, CA Registered: Like the i and chipsets have “hardware support” for MPEG playback as well – but their quality is utter shit compared even to my now “lowly” Rage based card.


I got one and it kicks ass. Jun 10, Posts: Mon Jun 11, 3: Of course it was. Sun Jun 10, 4: With innovations such as the graphical user interface, the role of the personal computer transitioned from one of work to one of play. Braves Seniorius Lurkius Registered: Users just did not find any use for keeping a computer even within a cable’s range of their television.

I came from watching dvd’s with my RivaTNT to a Radeon 64vivo and the dvd quality is significantly better. Oct 20, Posts: Possessing the same processing power that could only be found in large mainframes years prior, the personal computer soon became a staple of both small businesses and individuals who found themselves on the cutting edge.

Although this may not sound as attractive as having one TV input hooked up to the computer and the other, coaxial input connected to the cable line, watching TV through your computer offers many advantages.


Its like a pinto vs a porsche.

I have a Radeon 32 meg card, and it works great, no ago due to the card, anywayvisual quality is great. Sep 27, Posts: Even if you don’t manage to get HyperZ working, I don’t think that feature is worth twice the price.

With a little luck apparently very little, as I haven’t read of one person who hasn’t been able to do thisyou eadeon just overclock it to stock 32MB speeds and enable HyperZ with a registry hack.

Mon Jun 11, 4: Aug 14, Posts: No it is not the closet; rather, it is the family room.

ATI Radeon 32mb DDR AGP Graphics Card/graphic Card Composite | eBay

MSI is known for poor 2D, but if you aren’t running above x, that gadeon be a problem. Log in Don’t have an account? The Radeon is every bit as powerful as the GeForce is.

Jun 26, Posts: