First time I see this today, and I havent installed any programs or drivers for a long time. Yep, been getting kicked for this a lot for the last couple patches or so. Want to add to the discussion? I might have accidentally touched those while playing. After some weeks of having this issue ‘error Game disconnected: This rule also applies to titles, please make post titles descriptive of the content enclosed. I played on Wednesday without any problems, but today I have gotten kicked 4 times after about 10 minutes by PunkBuster, has anyone had this problem before?

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I have a G15 and use my macros for stuff I have to type often, like usernames and e-mailadress.

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Do not submit baiting or “circlejerking” posts, or posts with the intent of belittling a certain player or playstyle. It is probably a teamspeak overlay. February goto your system32 folder and find the punkbusterA and punkbusterB files and set them to run as admin and in compatability mode for win7. I’ve tried going back to the previous Precision X versions and still won’t work.

Is PB just running every time I turn on the computer?

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I noticed now Precision X claims it will not work with 64 bit programs, but it makes no sense when it was working fine with BF3 just 3 months ago. I’m also running nothing unusual and have been playing on the same setup for months now, until this evening. Battlefjeld me logged in on this device.


Rule 2 Be civil. It was Comodo Firewall. February I no longer know what to do: This problem seems to have morphed into periodic freezing. Want to add to the discussion? According to Google that code stands for “Cheat Video Driver” but aside from having hybrid graphics Intel on the CPU and ATI M on the board there is nothing even remotely unusual about the setup and these setups are becoming more and more common nowadays.

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If I don’t press buttons repeatedly as aforementioned I can play many many games without incident!!! Message diswllowed of 61 6, Views.

All posts must be directly relevant to Battlefield. This is not the place to grow your YouTube channel. I have tried multiple fixes, including the ones found in this thread, and nothing works.

Message 11 of 61 6, Views. How do I even uninstall it when I can’t find it?

I have never cheated at any game online. This is actually the first bf game i have owned so that would explain why i haven’t come accross it before. Opened battlfeield ticket with Even Balance, but have not heard back.


I think anything of win 8.

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Dictch them please they always cause error since bf3. I don’t run any recording software, I’ve tried different drivers. I might have accidentally touched those while playing.

This is messed up, because I played hours without getting this error and now prrogram of a sudden I get it all the time and I didnt install anything new.

Google also hasn’t shown anything useful either aside from possibly disabling Catalyst Control Centre but without it, the game will default to the Intel GPU which simply won’t run the game. PunkBuster kicked player ‘drashii’ for 0 minutes Get your nerd asses to work and fix the damn thing! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. This rule also applies to titles, please make post titles descriptive of the content enclosed.