Dec Is it a first party wiimote? Thread Modes Bluesoleil doesn’t recognise my Wiimote. Thanks again, okright ” A painting is a mute poem, a poem, is a blind painting ” benpaddlejones Support Admin Posts: BlueSoleil requires a There are two utilities that can help here.

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I had to admit, being a yo The biggest problems with them are with the IR-Camera and the Bluetooth.

How to connect/pairing wiimote with PC for Dolphin | D.S の Space

Anyway glad you got it working. The Nintendo Wii has been a popular home console sinceand its controllers and user interface have revolutionized home video gaming. Click ‘next’ always prompt out a failed to pair problem because of time out problem.

My apologies, I didn’t know mentioning them without offering links to access them was also prohibited After downloading the latest version of Wiinremote you will be able to configure your Wiimote to act as a wireless controller, not just for gaming but general use in Windows — this might prove useful when giving PowerPoint presentations, for instance. In turn, these developments have informed how we use out computers, leading to all manner of wireless and controller-less innovations.


Chuck Approves Find Reply. If you are on windows 8 or 8. Some shots to begin.

Connect your WiiMote to Windows using the BlueSoleil bluetooth stack

Widcomm will connect fine with mutiple Wiimotes. More shots and guide after the break.

From what i read, it is the best. Turned out I just needed the latest version of bluesoleil!

Chuck Approves Find Reply Anti-Ultimate Above and Beyond. Right click and click ‘Turn on Bluetooth’ menu option. Looking at how OS had marvelled over these three decades starting from the 90s somehow makes me reminiscent the good old days of Win 3.

Bandicam – A competitive game video capture softwa I read the sticky, but by Quote Not sure what you actually want???

Connect your WiiMote to Windows using the BlueSoleil bluetooth stack – Winko Erades

It’s just that I’m decently manage with Bluesoleil, but I just don’t undersand Widdcom, and I managed to get it to detect the Wiimote, and connect the HID but the WiimoteWhiteboard application still wouldn’t work. Subscribe Me Posts Atom.

Unknown Device, it is likely that the device is broken. Your email address will not be published. I’d say it was a -TR remote built in motion plus since blussoleil Toshiba Stack fixed it, but if it came with your wii in that couldn’t be it afaik.


Interested in all things computers, photography, smart gadgets, home theatre setup, audiophile hi-fi, pc gaming, console gaming, nintendo, multimedia, graphic design, software programming, yada-yada-yada Anyway, I took my time to figure out Widdcom and I noticed wiinote funny while trying to connect a second remote: Now, Control Panel will work as well!

I am not pretty sure why you are having this kind of problems, but to me personal experience it worked to me. Windows should automatically install a Generic Bluetooth Adapter.

Whether or not the following steps work will depend on the build and chipset of the device bluesoleill are using. I am not a writer of this post, but yeah, haha I’m righting this down. Is it a third party wiimote or original from nintendo? Otherwise my front-end will just