FYI, I will probably use something like this for wifi:. We have not had any support contact from customers about corrupt sentences, freezing units or resetting units for several years. The router can be easily configured from an iPad or computer, by accessing its internal configuration web page. Seatalk is a trade-mark of RayMarine. You don’t pay any extra for these features and it is good to know that if an NMEA compatibility problem is encountered one day, the multiplexer can offer a solution.

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The diagrams below show examples of possible multiplexer configurations, standard model only. Going to try and add picture of wiring under helm.

Ben, check this site http: Here is the good news; Skip may not need the multiplexer. More about this can be found under ” baudrate conversion options “.

Sign In Sign Up. Bluetooth connector Most boat owners prefer reliable hard-wired connections for the transmission of critical navigation data.

Installation of a router on board is worthwhile even if cellular service is never used. When power is switched on, it starts acquiring data and starts outputting the combined data via the output-ports.


Raymarine calls these heading sensors because it is more than a compass.

Actisense vs Brookhouse Mux – Gear Anarchy – Sailing Anarchy Forums

Many of the Brookhouse multiplexer options are unique and are multiplexsr available in other products. The baudrate conversion function of the multiplexer is independent from its combine-function, with its own input and output port.

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We did have a bug in our bootloader that was resolved in March which caused freezing and corrupt data in some situations. There is a brown wire on theit is not used in this application.

iMux NMEA multiplexer

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. The whole package is called a heading sensor. Subscribe to Panbo Subscribe to Panbo to be notified of new posts and content. I’m playing with expanding a TackTick system, and building up a “portable” interface I can use when I race on a loaner boat.

If you want an Actisense send me a Bfookhouse I will sell mine.

iMux NMEA multiplexer

Find More Posts by Detlefb. Please contact us for more information. Resolve NMEA compatibility problems. Seatalk support is available as an optional extra.


brokhouse But I reviewed my install notes and I think I have a plan for you. Next time you are in the market for a new addition to…. Interruption in the electronic navigation is avoided which makes this a valuable safety feature.

How to wire a Brookhouse Multiplexer

This is made possible by the use of the latest state of the art micro-processors and well-designed firmware. For charts you can use Navionics iNavx.

This module is intended for installation in existing or custom made instrument panels. Here is a picture of the Brookhouse Multiplexer. October 17, at 9: This is one of the primary inputs for your autopilot as well as necessary for GPS Radar overlay. In the first place, there are now a number of competetively priced serial-bt adapters on brookhouuse market with very strong features, such as extended range.

Don’t subscribe All Replies ,ultiplexer my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I have the bluetooth version.