I’m not sure they all use BT8xx chips. Our Zoneminder range of capture cards are specially selected and approved for use with Zoneminder. Testing your DVB device. Some of the cards that work with these drivers. The time now is Try the older set first and then if you have no joy try the newer set. If your card is not listed, see the ” How to add support for a device ” article.

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professional bt878 pci chip video capture card with SKD

All that does is wants to download Driver Dr. This page has been accessedtimes. Got a link to the actual driver download, instead of Driver Caputre The cards are constructed with an optimised PCB design and layout which guarantees the stability of the card. New 26 Dec 4.

I got an entry for Bt based video capture, and one for Bt based video capture unused audio. The Kodicom R and Kodicom R cards and their cagd clones are supported by the bttv driver from kernel version 2.

These devices can be capture-only cards – which means video is taken directly from a video source without the use of a tuner – or they can be TV cards which make use of RF tuner circuitry to receive television signals and the capture chip is there to decode the extracted video and audio.


This page was last modified on 10 Septemberat Video connection to the card is via BNC connectors fitted directly to the card. Zoneminder can be used for home security,commercial CCTV systems, animal watch, baby minder applications, remote monitoring and much more. You can download the Vista 64bit driver here: This card is a high performance model and approved for Zoneminder.

Because Carc told the video industry to go micturate up a rope, it ignores all analog copy protection systems. Learning what these dard need to be for your specific device may not be a trivial task.

These drivers can be used with a very wide range of capture cards and TV Tuner cards which use this well know video chip, but we cannot guarantee compatibility with any particular card as there are such a huge variety or cards and clones to choose from.

professional 720P capture card with sdk BT878 chip

It might work, but if there’s a more specific one for your specific card in this wiki, you should use that one. Run it in compatibility mode for Vista. DriverMax did find and download and install a driver. I may have missed a couple of options. The drivers can be used on 32 bit systems only and the latest version will also run on Windows 7 – 32 bit.


Need an Expander for your 4 ch FPS card?

Bttv devices (bt, bt) – LinuxTVWiki

The video capture one gives me the can’t start error 10 error. Dimensions – 18cm x 10cm. I tried Driver Dr. This version is captude for Zoneminder users who want higher performance across 4 channels but dont. Save the config file, compile your new kernel, install it and restart.

Zoneminder capture cards are supplied with the configuration settings you need to enter into the Zoneminder software.

Zoneminder Cards Cameras and Hardware

Basic 4 Channel Zoneminder Compatable Card: New 26 Dec 5. Why this old card?

In this case, don’t expect multiple input devices. Retrieved from ” https: Crashes after hitting “stop capture” in Gaming.

This is the card to choose if cadd want higher performance from your Zoneminder system and is a quality zoneminder approved card at a great price.