Will it cure your slice? The FTI was stunning. I first had an ft5 13 ht some 7 years ago and hit it just fine-cant to this day understand why i sold it? I do the slice thing regularly. The square head is a great alignment aid; 2. I highly recommend that shaft if your in that speed range. If my game is even close to how I was hitting it at the range then my friends are going to hate me.

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Thanks Golf bidder Tony B 3 out of 3 people found the follow review helpful. After playing my buddies FT I all last season I took the plunge and got the reg. A cc head volume is incorporated with a longer, wider and hotter face for more confidence at address, a higher MOI and increased ball speed for longer, straighter drives.

The FT-5 comes standard with a inch, gram Fujikura E shaft that has mid torque and a mid kickpoint, available in light, regular and stiff flexes. Too often, people make their choice based on performance on the driving range…. I think there is some negative bias toward this club because, frankly, pulling out a square driver is sort of like singing in the library. I had an ft3 draw last year and loved it but the club was in rough condition and the underbelly V symble had fallen off.


First, the composite body on each callawah been painted glossy black to rusion the top of the cup face area, fh5 it look fudion a traditional driver instead of a multi-material affair. Alternate the two clubs…and you will find your answer. Hits it straighter and 30 yards further.

There was no significalnt increase in distance, and I quickly had buyers remorse for spending that much money on a driver that will do little to improve my game. That said, clean shots travelled yards for me. Get yourself a Matrix Shaft.

Callaway FT-5 Drivers

Well worth the money. His driving looks pretty good so far. The square head seems to help start the backswing better, and it has a great feel to it.

Probably just the improved confidence I guess. At first the shape was a little difficult to take, but after several pokes with this big boy it is easy to get used to.

I shot a 41 for 9 holes with the FTi as I hit 6 of 9 fairways and had good fairway shots to the green. Lighter than titanium, this construction improves stability and distance. I saw no need for the tour version since my handicap will probably never go below My colleagues all has a go and were very impressed. From the very 1st shot I hit with it, filled me with confidence.

I tf5 an FT-5 draw for about 3 years now after I tried a number of drivers by the time.


In regards to my earlier post I am debating buying another and replacing my other driver that lives in my house on the Algarve 1 out of 3 people found the follow review helpful. If you can get fit into the right setup to eliminate some of the distance loss on off-center hits and get a hotter ball flight, the FT-i could be a real distance monster.

I hit a power fade….

Bought my FT-5 last season, and continue to like it. This club is amazing.

The FT-5 Driver is engineered to be the worlds fatest driver. It is ‘hot’ off the face and, most importantly, hits the ball straight. I just picked one up and I gained 25 yards carry.

Callaway FT-i/FT-5 Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

I will trade this driver in for a loss I am afraid for something else. Conclusion I see the FT-5 and the FT-i as two completely different products at completely different stages in the design cycle. Greta club 1 out of 1 people found the follow review helpful.