The V3 box does not contain a data cable or software to connect to the desktop. When an incoming call or message arrives, the outside screen shows the incoming number or message notice. The OS is the typical proprietary Motorola with a Java wrapper on it. All the messaging capabilities use the same menu-driven interface. I dont recall installing them, That would make sense though lol.. After almost two years on the market, it still turns heads, sells better than other phone, and commands a large and loyal following. I am new to this so i will take the time to apologize now

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A phone on a tripod? All the messaging capabilities use the same menu-driven interface. Originally Posted by Pankie Thanks. First post; thanks in advance. Can somebody tell me how i can rectify that also?

Can a RAZR v3 act like an mp3 player; how?

Could you link me the simple. The messaging system will concatenate long text messages. The V3 also records and plays 3GP video clips with sound. Speech recognition enables voice dialing, and the integrated speakerphone provides hands-free use right out of the box.


The function of all these may be programmed for use on the home screen. This showed up in testing as significantly shorter battery life under active BT operation. Recent calls may be recalled by incoming or cingulat. It supports WAP 2.

Motorola V3 Razr Win Driver – USB Driver

Even after two years on the market, the RAZR still garners appreciative looks and comments anywhere in the world when displayed. You might even find a cure for the lack of phonebook searchability.

Copyright -Tech Support Forum. I have written an explanation here which might be easier to understand. But when in go into my phones media center there not there.

BB code is on. Class 1 Bluetooth version 1. In reality, many things affect windowa life. I hinted above that the Java aspect opens up possibilities.

Can a RAZR v3 act like an mp3 player; how? – Tech Support Forum

Right Click the file and select the Run As Administrator option to install. Dusty Mexican Border Lands Posts: With the tools, files, and information from these and other sites, plus the USB drivers from Motorola Phone Tools, you can tailor your V3 to suit your fancy.

Unbeknown to most users, the V3 has a very small, covered external antenna connector on its back lower left. That said, these folks have awesome web sites with detailed FAQs.


It generally works quite well and should come with the phone. The input system uses iTap, which differs from the standard T9 you usually see on mobile phones. Tags modem motorola usb driver.

When the RAZR is closed during a call, the outside display tracks the call time if the user so chooses. So, if your friends have multiple numbers home, work, mobilethen they will have multiple phonebook entries.

I do but it doesnt recognize it!!

I’m trying to figure out what software to download to allow me to transfer music to my Razr. The picture with the Elizabethan actors dogs was taken in a drama theater lobby with no extra lighting, but increasing the exposure slightly. I have a Razr V3i and use Motorola phone tools. I’d rather load my own CD’s than to pay them 2.