Replacing the WipersWhen you notice that one or more wipers are worn or damaged, replace them. The profiler plugs into a connector onthe ink tray, allowing it to communicate with the printer andprint server. NStatus — displays the status of all user-configurable options. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Page If you need to print a new calibration pattern, press B Proceed. Be sure to insert the profiler into its port in the ink tray.

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Run anapplication that you know works correctly and print tobe sure. The printer rests on two shipping supports. TelecommunicationsNetwork StatementThe ColorSpan VideoNet port on this device is not intended tobe connected to a public telecommunications network. Select an option and follow the viedonet procedurebelow.

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Early service station units had replaceable boots, but theboots on recent units are glued in for reliability, and are notreplaceable. The tube automatically seals when you disconnect it. AllColorSpan media is provided on two-inch cores inlengths to ensure accurate media advance. Manual CalibrationsWhen you run the calibrations from this menu, you evaluate thecalibration test patterns visually and enter the calibration valuesvia the control panel.


Page Manual PrimingMaintenance interval: Ifnecessary, you may clean multiple printheads at once. Colorapan ink and printhead usage will vary depending on theamount and types of printing you do, experience will help youdetermine how to stock an efficient spare inventory. NIf the ink continues to flow, this may indicate that theseal between the printhead and the supply tube is faulty.

HP ColorSpan Legacy Solvent 72sr DisplayMaker : DisplayMaker Legacy X – User Manual

Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Wear cotton gloves during this procedure, or handle the mediaonly by its very outside edges. Next, the control panel displays a message asking you toplace one sheet of copier paper under the right side of thecarriage, and another sheet of copier paper under the leftside of the oclorspan. That way you could at least use the printer.

From thisscreen, you can press the m and q keys to scroll betweenscreens.

Colorspan Videonet Driver Driver Download

Page 88 Takeup OptionsAutomatic DisableThe takeup is automatically turned on enabled when you loadthe takeup. You can select a ColorSpan media from the list, videonrt selectCustom at the end of the list to specify a custom thickness. NoteThere is no jet replacement in 1-pass mode. Page Collorspan fans — the dryer fans can be turned off to avoidstreaking the ink on some films, but this results in less effective drying.


The profiler plugs into a connector onthe ink tray, allowing it to communicate with the printer andprint server.

CautionDo not pinch the ribbon cable between the ink traysupport and the printer frame. Page The control panel displays a list of standard ColorSpanmedia types. Page TroubleshootingChecklistBefore you troubleshoot your printer, make sure that it is properly installed as described in Chapter 1, Getting Started.

Colorspan Videonet Driver Driver Download

Repeat step 7 for the other side of the carriage. I want to revive this printer as this was the first I bought 17 years back. NWhen switching ink color or type. The platen moves out of the service station to theaccess position quickly, without further warning.

Press C and p to select a head number, then press B Proceed. Press n Cancel and go tothe next step.

Mar 2, 4. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. X Direction RegistrationHead 2: The effectiveness of this system depends on numerous variables, including: