Posted April 6, Already have an account? The dealer forums seems to be very supportive for people wanting to learn. Any new interest in this? Sign in Already have an account? The ITunes music is then stored on the S1Digital server and cannot be interrupted by network issues, eliminating untimely tech support issues.

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Vontrol4 up for a new account in our community. Now that Squeezebox is fading, Fusion is adding dedicated two-way drivers for specific home-control products.

I have some really good ideas related to some of the other built in capabilities of the Classic and Touch. Julie also participates in these groups: Then go to http: Does anyone know if there has been any development on this? Already have an account? Sign In Sign Up.

Non-Squeezebox Driver from Fusion Now Available for Savant – CE Pro

We are focused on expanding the delivery of quality music and audio squeezeboox the home. And Im not a programmer or developer, so it takes me a long time to figure out how to implement things. Old thread — yes, I have a huge investment in Squeezebox, there are already a ton of great 3rd party conttrol4 like iPeng for control so it shouldn’t be that difficultthe streaming offerings blow C4 and Sonos away, and if I’m investing in C4 I’ll pay good money for full support.


There doesn’t seem to be any way to edit the driver to fix that- anyone have a clue? Posted September 22, Email Julie at jjacobson ehpub. Black boxes and tangled wires do not add to squeezebix character of a high-end smart home project.

I’m using this as a reason to learn more about driverworks. Follow Julie on social media: Logitech Squeezebox has overunits in operation featuring highly compatible control interfaces and alternative music applications. The driver talks to the server, so i dont see why it wouldn’t work with a transporter,boom, radio or duet.

Lack squsezebox RS support isn’t a deal killer for this ever happening is it? I just don’t get why Sonos is getting all the love in this department in the C4 world.

Control System Interfaces To ensure that we can support every product we supply in every configuration, S1Digital maintains a live version of our certified partners control systems in-house. If there’s enough demand, we will consider making available a driver.

Logitech Squeezebox

Sonos doesn’t have Slacker, and is missing other content as well but I haven’t compared recently. Article Topics All Topics.

Logitech came out with an Android app to control Squeezebox recently. Every characteristic of our products and the partners we choose and are designed to make it easy to integrate reliable music. CE Pro State of the Industry: To ensure that we can support every product we supply in every configuration, S1Digital maintains a live version of our certified partners control systems in-house. From a form-factor standpoint you might have been able to convince me that squeezebox still had a card to play, but now with the S3, I might just sell my squeezebox suqeezebox and go to Sonos exclusively.


Posted July 7, You will need cntrol4 re-synchronize your Squeezebox device once all the URLs are ssueezebox into your favorites list Then, on your device, make sure you have your username an password of your mysqueezebox.

Why S1Digital

Our quality assurance and support staff has control44 trained in each control system, and we offer clear step-by-step instructions for installation or troubleshooting. Posted November 20, edited. Proceed with the update Once the update is complete, choose your Wifi connection again.

All of our products are run through a battery of tests with each system before they are released.