Contact me for a great deal on this CoolPix S model: Bears and photographers start stirring when the weather warms up from the dead of winter. CoolPix S This is a point and shoot camera with a page manual to operate it! Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Below this is the Playback key and classic four-way controller with center OK button, which also serves as a mechanical scroll dial. It basically sounds like a constant clicking sound. The Night Portrait mode takes consecutive shots which expose the portrait subject and background separately, then immediately combines the exposures to create a blur-free portrait.

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Even though the Nikon S has “only” a mm telephoto, not the mm of some mega-zooms, image stabilization is still very important, as every jitter will be magnified at the longest focal length.

New for this model is a handy Shooting Mode dial with 8 options, which means that you no longer have to use the main menu just to change mode, and it has a positive action to prevent unwanted movement. Quick boot up and quick to wake up when battery saver is on.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

These included colorful steel superstructures of rides under construction, the world-famous red parachute jump, over-the-top s88100 signs and, of course, the ocean nearby reflecting the sunshine. Good versitile pocket camera with all the bells and whistles Going on vacation and did not want to carry heavy DSLR camera outfit so bought this. It is very frusterating.

This is fairly common among consumer digital cameras, however. The Nikon digital camera has a smile timing sensor to automatically capture a picture when your subject smiles.


One of the great things about this camera is the simple fact you can easily tote it around without the bulk of a full-blown DSLR rig.

Nikon Coolpix S8100

Start-up time is almost instant, with the camera ready to go in less than half a second. Speaking of the battery, Nikon does not supply a dedicated charger. If you plan to do a lot of panning from side to side or shooting fast-moving subjects, there is a lot of judder.

H gives you 10 frames per second, L is 26 frames at 1. As far as being a point and shoot cooppix camera all its features are easy to use, especially the video option, easier than my DSLR cameras. Once the flash is up it stays up until you manually push it down, so it’s not like 8s100 problem occurs every time you take a flash photo. Depending on personal coolpix, Incandescent or Manual will do.

Overall, we liked the Nikon Coolpixand had a lot of fun shooting with it. If picture quality is your main concern which is, of course, every photographers main concern this little baby really shines.

Well it does, z8100 it’s really sharp with both left and right mic recorders. Although it’s not my colpix mm, the 30mm setting provides a bit of good perspective distortion not voolpix distortion which is a true positive with architectural images such as a Gehry building in Manhattan or the parachute jump in Coney Island.

The Night Portrait mode takes consecutive shots which expose the portrait subject and background separately, then immediately combines the exposures to create a blur-free portrait. You’d have to be super picky to find any issues with them.


The camera operating system is fast and loads menus and pictures quickly, I purchased it for the high megapixes picture quality and the ability to shoot high definition video with a realtime auto focus and zoom while filming.

Nikon Coolpix S Review | Photography Blog

In Backlighting mode you can enable HDR, which combines frames for a more even exposure in difficult lighting situations. S81000 Canon came out first, about three weeks ago, and I immediately bought one. Then there is an Auto mode, which is like the program AE modes on other point-and-shoots.

As well as still imaging, the Nikon S offers Full HD p; 1, x 1, pixel movie recording with stereo audio. For the money this little camera is great coollix have on hand because it takes really nice pics. The Nikon Coolpix S’s flash recycles in about 5. Have been shopping around for over a month and settled on this camera, for the price and features it seemed to be the best avail, I am very impressed and look forward to a few years of use.

I’ve been waiting since late summer for the Canon and the Nikon s to be released. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Nikon D D I personally prefer the look of Nikon over Canon, but Coolpixx still cooopix behind in the features dept as of this writing.