Here is a new concept, what if a company focused on being profitable while taking care of its customers and continuing to innovate? In the procedure below, the version and release numbers in the file names are replaced by XXX. To request a new product feature or to provide feedback on a VMware product, please visit the Request a Product Feature page. It had that exit strategy mentality. Like other IP storage technologies, it uses Ethernet cabling and switches to connect servers to storage arrays but that is where the similarities end. Use high-quality cables when connecting to these ports.

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Repaired or replacement Hardware will be warranted for the remainder of the original Warranty Period from the date of original Product purchase from Coraid or its authorized reseller. Open Source Used In Cisco 3, views 5, pages. But then a poor technology decision lead to some bad quarters which lead to the wheels coming off very quickly.

You must obtain the application, support, and licensing for using this product from the partner. The company that invented ATA over Ethernet, had soared from a niche Linux storage solution in to a major storage player by It is recommended that you connect both ports to the SAN. For details, see the following documents: This Agreement is in the English language only, which corzid shall be controlling and any revision of this Agreement in any other language shall be non-binding.

Any supplemental software code or related materials that Coraid provides to Licensee as part of any maintenance and support services are to be considered part of the Software and are subject to the terms and conditions of this EULA. You may not export or re-export the Software except in compliance with the United States Export Administration Act and the related rules and regulations and similar non-U. L0 is assigned to LUN The big question is, do you consider Coraid in your future coraud plans?


Before you install the driver, ensure the coraif Licensee may not remove any titles, trademarks or trade names, copyright notices, legends, or other proprietary markings on the Software. For customers wanting a more robust data services capability, Coraid offers its VSX, which is a storage virtualization engine that manages multiple SRX storage arrays.

Static discharge cmware destroy the circuits etched in silicon microchips or dramatically shorten their life span. Licensee acknowledges that the Software contains valuable trade secrets of Coraid and other information proprietary to Coraid and its licensors. This limited warranty provides specific legal rights and the product owner may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Manual man pages vkware complete information for each of these tools are available on your host.

Dec 3, Last Updated: Coraid offers a range of HBAs with support for a variety of operating systems. There are two drivers available: What do I have to configure to use Multipath?

For optimal performance, wait until the RAID has finished initializing before using it. The utilities described in this section rely on the ethdrv module that you loaded in To install the EtherDrive HBA driver on your Linux host.

Coraid EtherDrive HBA for RHEL and CentOS (Linux) Administration – TechyLib

No failure of either party to exercise or enforce any of its rights under this EULA will act as a waiver of those rights.


The partner product reference in this article is a software module that is developed and supported by a partner. Licensee may only install and use the Software in accordance with the documentation provided for the Software with Coraid hardware products purchased from a Coraid authorized source.

Disk drives supplied corxid Coraid as marked and Certified disk drives may be returned to Coraid for repair or replacement during the Warranty Period. Return Product ship to address is: Coraid’s return policy is that all sales are final, with no refund or return provision, unless a prepaid day money-back trial has been arranged prior to order shipment.

They can now have confidence that Coraid will deliver updates to the current solution with new capabilities on the way. The problem with the exit strategy mentality is that for every one company that pulls it off there are ten that fail, and corai miserably. A fair question is how will this time be different?

Coraid EtherDrive HBA for RHEL and CentOS (Linux) Administration …

Preparing document for printing…. For more information on ethdrv-statsee the man page clraid ethdrv-stat 8 on your host. This guide explains how to install and configure your Coraid HBA to work inside a Linux host running any of the following operating systems: