So, like Chris says, find a good outboard device and install it’s drivers. I don’t know the LM7 well. Can someone please help me? Just assign the the LM-7 to it and test. Is there some knob or switch on the interface to invite the audio in, does it need a midi trigger? Yes, you would connect your speakers to the outputs from the UR

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I don’t know the LM7 well. For some reason when I tried to update it before, it would tell either that the LCC could not be installed because a newer version was already installed on my computer As you mentioned, it had to do with the License Control software that needed to be updated.

MoryloryNov 11, Make a track with a drum loop for 16 bars or whatever. I’m a long- time lurker, first- time poster- All of the sudden, when I load Cubase 3.


So you can use it. But then I tried to play the file again, it still doesn’t work. This site was designed with the. So this is not just sz3 version of Cubase problem.

Happy Holidays!

Also here, no sound. Also when I load a session, a screen pops up showing the ASIO aaudio and outs – each labeled “pending connection”. I guess if no one else replies you should contact Steinberg support.

I’m totally confused by the manual section s3 drivers. What do I need to do be able to open up Cubase SX3? It’s just a little bit annoying in the sense, the error shouldn’t come up, but the workaround costs me 5 seconds, so no terrible issue I own Komplete 5 and have just tested all instruments as effect plugins with Cubase 5.

No registered users and 7 guests. Try to switch this off. The origin seems vaalid me that somehow the connection from the Program to the hardware gets lost.

No Audio with B4II FX in Insert or Send | NI Community Forum

The Pro is another story. May be worth you posting on the Steinberg forum.


Or if there’s another solution using my current eLicenser USB dongle. Just assign the the LM-7 to it and test. CharlesCoastJul 11, Can you send screenshots?

I’m also on a ckbase. There could be a couple of things at play from your screenshots. No registered users and 7 guests. So, like Chris says, find a good outboard device and install it’s drivers. The company has been developing. Who is online Users browsing this forum: And now what’s really funny: With your mouse, play the keys on HSSE.

CharlesCoastDec 30,