Basically zooming a small image gets a little bit distorted image. Buttons have been moved for better organization and ease of use. Left clicking gives you full screen mode. How much is it and where can I get it.? MS changed the way Vista and Windows 7 handles video.

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Display mode setup 2. Posted December 12, My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Click boxes to jump into.

Kodicom DigiNet problems PLEASE HELP – DVR Cards and Software – PC Based Systems –

The site is running on xp in a box in a closet and up till now we’ve been using his main computer to view and access the data via center in xp. Basically zooming a small image gets a little bit distorted image. In eiginet case please follow this step. However, if you set this function on many cameras recording rate might decrease. I know windos would glady pay whatever for it.

And if they are not identical, it gets disconnected. Please feel free to contact our support department.


You can assign passwords for each operator. Jason Although I do somewhat agree with your comment here.

Kodicom DigiNet-User Guide for DVR Operator DigiNet-1816, 3416, 34216 4416, 44216 DigiNet.

High temperature is not good for the product. It works in the desired time and the default time is between koxicom So you can view the scene before the activity happened. Click the manufacturer and model of your printer. After the other options have been chosen and the Backup button is pressed, a backup will be created to the selected file path and name.

The sound data will be recorded when the video signal starts being recorded. So be sure to memorize it. Corrupted image Uncorrupted image. Ex When sensor no. If your printer is not listed on screen, consult with your printer dealer.

To erase some part of the detection area, move mouse pointer out of the screen [Detection area setup] Select full screen as motion detection area. This feature allows continuous recording to occur while not using a lot of hard drive space, but provides better video rates when needed. Kodicom Diginet Site Users browsing digineh topic: Should there be anything missing contact the dealer you bought it from.


Keep product away from a electric shock or magnetic substance. Every Sensor signal happened at time in use makes related camera record and controller work.

Recommended size is x resolution. You should set rotation time.

I have a ligit copy of Kodicom Diginet client. How much is it and where can I get it.? You should wait until you see a message that your system will reboot.

Anyone know offhand other ‘tasks’ that can be started from the ‘New Task’ window? Registration Forgot your password?