Your question will be posted in:. Correct, don’t have to remove oil pan or mess with it at all. After drilling the heads off the screws I did a ghetto mod on the nut and reinstalled the timing cover bracket with some Grade 10 8mm x 1. Thanked Times in Posts. Thanks for the reminder. Get rid of push-ons. Why it’s hex and not torx, why they are such thin heads and why so soft is a mystery.

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Below are the 4 bolts I loosened.

ECS 945GCT-M – 1.0 – motherboard – micro ATX – LGA775 Socket – i945GC

First step, Just rip everything out so you can get at the motor. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

The other end of the hose attaches to another 8an fitting on the rack. Find More Posts by schpenxel. I just made up a bracket to lower the clamp holding the harness to the block, also moved the ground lug to the corner oil pan bolt since the new pulley dcs. Kinda dead in the water until I get the HB, hoping ECS has one and I can drive down there tomorrow and pick one up along with the right size belt. Performance and results. The main blower drive tensioner piggybacks off this same bracket so this mount takes a lot of load and has to be right.


If you get an ECS kit, check this pressed in nut before it’s installed. Why it’s hex and not torx, why they are such thin heads and why so soft is a mystery. Seems a little long unless I run another alternator on the left side of the engine.

Thanks for the reminder. I’m not one for taking shortcuts but don’t think that’s necessary and will rotate the crank while bolts are snug then lock it down.

Note Fuel pump running at idle pushed pressures close to psi so I’ll be adding a return line and regulator at the end of the rail which is shown later on. Yeah there’s a Melling video that shows how to install the pump. On my setup, the bolt shown in the pic circled in red is shorter than the others so watch when 15v33 pull stuff apart.

Driver Ecs Gct-MV

Do some of this: Find More Posts by realcanuk. Once your happy everything fits, do the final mounting of the alternator bracket, alternator, new top tensioner and lower pulley assy. Last edited by sevinn; at Swagelok makes these nice 15-f33 adapters. Your question will be posted in:. Probably spent an entire day on this because I didn’t understand what was going on at first and screwed a few things up.


I’ve changed the blower belt in less than 10 mins and didn’t have to worry about tracking. The mounting plate shown on the left attaches to the timing cover with 2 “custom” allen caps to the timing cover Circled in Yellow.

Ecs Gct M2V 1 5 15 V33 Driver Download

I’m old and slow and this is a part time project. Quote message in reply? I did do mine that way–PITA but made me feel better. Lots of posts on how to do this.

Expensive but worth it. Last edited by schpenxel; at Lower the cradle and take the rack out. Decided to do my own, IMO cheaper and better. Wanted the Y adapter hidden and safely ecss from heat.