Reinstalling the drivers didn’t help. Acid Xpress is a basic loop-based multi-track recorder, and the MediaStation and the XG player are both media players that support a variety of different file formats. There’s a channel test feature, but mine only worked when set to rotate the sound. The quality both of the product and the sound produced, as well as the Creative name would account for the price differences. Thankfully, it’s a fraction of the size of Creative’s enormous install.

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Hercules Fortissimo price – TechSpot Forums

Price wise are you on about the Audigy 2 regular or Audigy 2 Platinum, obviously the Platinum has the additional Audigy drive as well. Sign up for freeit takes 30 seconds. There’s a channel test feature, but mine only worked when set to rotate the sound.

I only get sound in stereo from the optical output. Installation of the card was a breeze compared to setting up a Creative card. Already have an account?

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The driver interface for the DigiFire comes wrapped-up with an easy-to-use tab-based interface. I ran all types of movies and games through my rig with the Fortissimo and the sound was a little “harder” and more direct. So let’s take a look at the card itself.


Yeah that about sums it up forrissimo, not to mention though that the Audigy 2 uses good quality 24bit DACs.

Fortissimo 2 Digital Edition – No Sound! I’m using the digital output of fortissimk card, and some of the card’s Control panel functionalities do not work. It’s easier on the eyes than Creative’s huge program, but it offers less.

No one can accuse Hercules of dragging ass with their sound cards.

Hercules Fortissimo 7.1 price

Fortissimo-2 soundcard problems Mar 13, It’s a little light on features, foetissimo you still get a good spread of sound tweaks, EQ and MIDI settings, and speaker configuration options. Pair the speaker with your phone or tablet.

The gameport will foortissimo install and function correctly. I love their cards, but Creative’s software is bearish and resource hungry. It features good sound quality, a nice spread of features, and a very attractive price tag. The Audigy cards seem to produce a broader soundstage but also seems bit laid back compared to the Fortissimo.

Your name or fortissiom address: When activating EAX in games, the CPU load increases a bit and you might lose a few frames or so in games, but it’s nothing really major. THX certification is the main reason why i think the creative card is more expensive, basically creative need to pay to get that certification on the product. Join the firtissimo hereit only takes a minute. Surround channels should actually be set to your sides, and perhaps slightly to the rear.


Nonetheless, the Fortissimo II is a solid little sound card.

Reinstalling the drivers didn’t help. While we’re on the rortissimo, would you guys recommend the Audigy X-Gamer or Gamer? Windows Vista – Windows XP.

I am having problem using my soundcard with my Nforce-based motherboard. If you’ve never compared sound cards you might be surprised to learn that they actually differ in sound. Why and how can I disable my onboard sound card?

Think I’ll spend 7. money on a better card then. Creative released a mid-level set of 6. Not a big deal, but it was a little alarming when I first tested my speakers and got an earful of static.