July 3, at April 16, at A closeup of the process of key removal. So as someone who likes to disassemble stuff, I feel I should do my part in helping other people who think the same. Thank you again and maybe a paypal link or better yet a BitCoin address where I can throw a few quid your way. In any case, these instructions are great. This is the BEST guide ever!

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How to disassemble and clean a Logitech G15 (Generation 2) | TheRealWazzar on WordPress

February 10, at 8: May 28, at March 4, at 1: Dont think i would do this on a regular basis though only when its acting up. When the second first cycle is finished, the keys should be nice and shiny. After it dried I assembled it as described in your post, and it looks ever so shiney again.

Then they were totally clean. Instead of cleaning every single key, i just threw them all in a bucket with water and soap. January 13, at 7: November 9, at 8: Very detailed pictures — loved this. Give the rubber a quick brush off, and set that whole half of the keyboard aside.


Logitech G15 Refresh sort of O-rings ? – – An Overclocking Community

I just toss the plastic bits in my dishwasher and run a rinse cycle! Excellent guide, Spilled soda on my Gen 2 the other day and the shift key is sticking like crazy now. Once all the screws are out, start opening the clips that hold the faceplate on. Definitely going to be giving this a try.

I disassembled everything, put it in a big bucket of all-purpose cleaner with the exeption of the little display, obviouslyand let it soak for a while. March 28, at 4: May 9, at 2: Maybe turn the stocking over halfway through. A little scratch or some moisture and it is useless since some keys will never respond again.

July 19, at 6: October 22, at 2: Should take about 10 minutes from Start to Off. I might let the dishwasher run for its first cycle with a little soap. There should be 18 of them. reftesh


Take a brush and wipe all the junk out. Blog Stats 62, visits by randoms.

June reffesh, at 5: January 10, at 2: But nothing broken so far. February 8, at 1: February 27, at It should require a bit of wiggling and gentle force to pop each clip open.

Take note that cleaning chemicals may have unintended side effects, such as discolouration, or outright dissolving the plastic unlikely, but possible.