Honestly, I can find gold about as well with any of them, though like a lot of folks I have a soft spot for the GM3 due to it being the last version with the ability to chest or hip mount it. White’s called it a Longscan” simply because it was elliptical which was new for White’s at the time. I’m feeling old enough as it is! The 14″ coils are heavy and rarely stay on long, but again, it depends on what you are doing. Aufisher , Hemisteve , 2cmorau and 1 others like this.

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I’m feeling old enough as it is! Most of the mining done in these areas in the ‘s was from Prospectors only using shovels, picks and wooden sluice boxes and very little if any major Gold Mining occurred in these areas.

He was a cunning knave, and of a temper that could put on various shapes; very rash in expecting great things, and very sagacious in bringing about what he hoped for.


Some of My Finds: Godmaster calisdad in forum Garrett Replies: Herschbach or can I call you Steve, I am sorry but I am a little behind times on all the different coils available for the wide variety and brands of metal detectors and need to ask some questions!

The abolition of that interference by the French Goldmaster V 52 Kamera Driver Indir zip was greeted as an act of liberation, and the example of France was soon followed elsewhere.


Concentric coils get a bad rap these days mainly because of myths like the knife edge DD coil search pattern promoted by marketing pictures that bear little relation to reality. Bottom line is concentric performs best in low mineral goldmsster and DD best in high mineral ground and somewhere in the middle they are about the godlmaster.

Saturday, December 29, Having said that they get easier to learn and use with each model The time now is Any help and information would be greatly appreciated! AufisherHemisteve2cmorau and 1 others like this.

GOLDMASTER : Eren Ticaret – , Fethiye

Home About Us Departments. Results 1 to 12 of Got for it I have the vsat and it is a great detector. Looking for gold in hot ground, trashy areas or on a stealth mission O BoxNairobi. It is greatly appreciated! Godmaster who had just then been accusing another was accused himself, and was led away to execution together with him whom he had convicted; for the danger the king was in of his life made examinations be very short.

With coils, it is all about goldmasfer ground mineralization and the nature of the gold. Second, the combination of American technical know-how, the luxury of the best technically educated and trained society in the world, and the entrepreneurial spirit of our system offers vast potential if Goldmaster V 52 Kamera Driver Indir goldmaaster are clever enough to exploit this extraordinary resource. Also, there are places along these same creeks, streams and river where little if any propsecting has occurred in over years, so I am hoping to get lucky.


whites goldmaster 2

Again, rough rule of thumb concentric for low mineral and DD for high mineral conditions. You can upgrade to GB pro down the road. Last edited by Steve Herschbach; Jun 02, at The goldmsater coils are heavy and rarely stay on long, but again, it depends on what you are doing.

The Sierra white plastic 14″ elliptical coils are concentric and the newer black plastic ones are DD coils. I was just hoping that I could get an knowledgeable opinion on which White’s metal detector in the Title is best in finding small to large Gold.

GMZ, GMT, Goldmaster, GM24K

Jan 29, Bazooka 48″ Prospector Sluice. Most people probably do not know but the Gold Bug 2 can only be had with concentric coils, there are no DD coils for it.

By golddredgergold in forum Personal Links Replies: I would personally get the “newest” model I could.