So far, PING had kept its promise: You don’t need all the angle and loft changing circus , get yourself a Played 3 times with them already and the difference is great. I was worried about the substantial offset, but got used to that after just 1 round. The Pings were the most solid feeling for me and I hit them well. However since going for the G graphites my experience is that I now only hit straight and never a thin shot as I had them fitted and have a bit of extra length on the shaft. There is an immediately noticeable improvement in both feel and forgiveness and they are easy to hit through the set.

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Both the i15 and G15 7-iron, when adjusted for lie, jumped out to yards with gllf shot, and the fitting process brought the draw back to a straight line. I wouldn’t touch long irons before as the result was hideous, but these long irons are so forgiving.

The G10 does just that. But these are gplf clubs for golfers who are hell-bent on getting better and are yet another example of how Ping are continuing to get it right in the irons market. I am also 75 years old and loss pint strength is a given.

I play x per week in IA, age 57, handicap Playing in 8 degree winter weather and hard fairways with little grass, I hit the irons unbelievably high and with a draw. My local public course is having a demo days on Friday.


Ping G15 Irons Review

I like the g10s but im always looking at new options. The G15 irons are for guys like me although they have been spotted in the bags of several tour prosI need a bit of help getting the ball in the air and help on off center strikes. Overall, traditional or classic were never words that entered my head but the combination of the new color scheme and Custom Tuning Port make the club quite ;ing and a huge improvement over the G I too was VERY impressed with this web site.

No doubt these irons have helped me get a lower handicapp and enjoy the game more than I’ve done before.

For some players this is like regiew a mustache on the Regiew Lisa. Clubs in nice condition as described. Any thoughts as between G15s versus R9 irons? I could NOT hit the Burner 5 iron well at all. Maltby designed the first ultra-wide sole club sorry JR, the Callaway sole design is actually derived from the Matlby design.

The G15 irons with their forgiveness and steady trajectory should go a long, long way to providing that consistency to help you get better. Helpline I talked to a few people too. After playing 6 rounds, I am extremely satisfied with these irons. I hope this helps.

Ping G15 Irons Review – Golfalot

I feel like I can pinf these anywhere I so choose and man are they easy to hit. They might look down desperately searching for that microscopic sweet spot, trembling at the thought of the painful reverberations of a mis-hit. Have used these irons on 2 or 3 rounds since I purchased them and there is a noticeable improvement in my general iron play, particularly par 3 teeshots and shots out of the rough.


They are the best irons I have ever used. The G15 hits high and usually lands soft on the green, but I also pinh some odd little hops at times, possibly due to the changed grooves. With workability comes slices and hooks. Recently looked and tried G25 and G30 and neither felt as good as the G This is a for what it is worth comment and I apologize for the length.

But I do think these pings can help the indians. On the heel of the G10 there was a loss of yards. Had the G15 for 6 years and they are stil outstanding. I suspect you all know this too. Ping matched the pijg to my existing set and installed a G10 grip for me. There is no such thing as a discount on Pings unless it comes from them…period.