Cunitz holds a Ph. Cunitz’s report was “generic” and admittedly was not specific to this case. Utilizing the opinions of Dr. In addition to that, we have a full service facility that can handle service, repairs, and a full line of replacement parts, including multiple brands of augers and teeth. Signed at Lafayette, Louisiana, this 25th day of February Cunitz issued six opinions in his initial report.

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Cunitz to opine that they were utilicoorp. Cunitz admittedly is not qualified to render an opinion regarding a design defect as it is outside of his specialty. Singhose will be denied.

United Rentals was then succeeded by the machine’s current owner, Highway Technologies. You have reach your max limit.

GRT Utilicorp, Inc.

Where the I-beam meets the ground, there is a “footer” or “foot adaptor” that latches onto the I-beam and holds it in place so that the post goes into the ground at the correct angle.

Further, my opinions are based on my analysis, evaluation and review of all the evidence presented to me in this case. His experience includes the mechanical design of components for heavy machinery and systems that manufacture heavy machines.

Cunitz was not called to testify and his deposition excerpts do not adequately explain to this Court where, if at all, the standard of Brown is met in his report. Cunitz will not be allowed to opine on the ultimate conclusion that the pressure driver was unreasonably dangerous as that conclusion is within the province of the jury.


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D in Mechanical Engineering and is currently serving as a professor at Georgia Tech in that field. A witness who is qualified as an expert by knowledge, skill, experience, training, or education may testify in the form of an opinion pos otherwise if: This Court offers no opinion as to the ultimate conclusion he reached as that conclusion is within the province of the finder of fact.

Cunitz will not be permitted to testify utiljcorp to this opinion. A “rail” or “rail assembly,” into which an I-beam can be placed, extends from the top of the arm to the ground. Contact Us We want to hear from you!

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The last step in the analysis, if no solution could be found, was to consider conceptual designs with prototypes or possibly a warning. My opinions were formed after applying the methodologies and criteria previously described. Please subscribe to download the judgment. In this case, the plaintiffs contend ggt that the post driver is unreasonably dangerous in design and for lack of adequate warnings. Upload brief to use the new AI search.

Psot authored in entitled “Warnings: Cunitz issued six opinions in his initial report.

Nothing is this ruling prohibits the defendants from making contemporaneous objections at trial concerning the lack of a factual basis for the opinions utilicirp either expert.


A Human Factors Perspective. Work Zone was succeeded by United Rentals. This lawsuit arises out of a workplace accident that occurred on February 11, The second and third opinions also have nothing to do with warnings and primarily amount to an agreement with Dr.

Therefore, a factual question for resolution by the jury is whether these warnings were “adequate,” and the plaintiff offers Dr.

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Our service facility also has the capability to repair, rebuild, or service all makes of pressure diggers and post drivers. To that end, his preliminary report mentioned a variety of public and private guidelines and publications on roadway design and traffic control devices.

Singhose holds a Ph. DP contends that its post driver was not unreasonably dangerous as originally manufactured because its original adaptor cap was designed in such a pos that the I-beam could pos have been ejected from the machine under any circumstance.

D in Experimental and Human Factors Psychology. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!