As for your suggestion to uninstall the driver and use the driver embedded in XP, I have to say that, in reading all the issues about “pink flu” above, I’m rather suspicious that the embedded XP driver might be the cause as opposed to everyone having identically bad inkjet cartridges. The same problem is true of printers that were “orphaned” by HP when Vista was introduced. I currently have an older computer and am not ready to upgrade just yet. At this point the patch is installed and ready to print. I didn’t install the driver myself. Normally when everything appears OK and you get that griding noise it’s caused by dirt on the strip.

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Thus, I’m not in the market for an all-in-one. From the back, near the clean-out cover, insert a screwdriver between the right cover and the base coming in from the bottom. I’ll try your first suggestion and show both to Jim, as the computer has a few, remarkably few, glitches that he will be working on Wednesday.

Appreciate your help and will keep on printing just as soon as I replace the empty cartridge! I am running Windows XP.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) DeskJet c and c Inkjet Printers

It’s been turned off and back on to reset it – that didn’t work. Dear Alfred, All my information on what you ask for came from Bert. As for the noise at the end, it sounds like plastic bumping over plastic. If that fails, try rubbing alcohol instead. Note, I do not work for this web site, so I might not check the forums again for weeks, so if you simply add another post I may never see it.


By peinter it correctly, today, I did get my printer drivers hewlety.

There was a very long thread that ensued, you can see there for the original prihter which had some good discussions. I’m hoping this clean-up procedure will fix that when I get to it.

HP Deskjet C Standard Inkjet Printer | eBay

I wiped the connections on both the cartridge and it’s holder By the way, my Radio Shack didn’t have a product that specifically said it was silicone based. Dear Stephen, This particular service station, which I have throughly washed twice, is, for some reason, still a tad sticky.

Third light down, indicating ink problems? I have the same problem, did you ever resolve it and if so HOW?

HP Deskjet 722C Standard Inkjet Printer

The service station is really gummed up with ink. Eger on Nov 18, at 1: A whole page dedicated to my printer? On the “Format” tab, hewletg “Env. I changed the belt today and prior to that the refilled cartridges were working fine but now the “Cartridge Ligt” will not stop flashing.

My printed text prints out shifted or offset characters. However, as I was reinstalling the color cartridge, the assembly headed for the barn, even though I had the clamp up.


There are many, many posts regarding “pink flu”. Eger on Jan 9, at If the power goes out and comes back on too quickly, you can end up with a totally confused printer.

Contacting HP did not help as they were not interested. I’ve tried to replace my drive belt but can’t get to the slot in the back of the carriage to insert it.

Click on “Settings” and then, to the right of this, click on “Control Panel”. I do not use this for color printing when beauty is the 1 priority, but for printing maps, graphs or simple graphics it is more than adequate. Usually when I am out of ink the print just fades out. I am against throwing things away if they can be fixed. I’ve went thru the troubleshooter at HP and Windows.

Unfortunately, they aren’t available new anymore, although apparently I can still buy refurbished models through Penguins Express, whom I’ve never heard of. I use only HP supplied ink cartridges.