Here I will abuse engineers of Highscreen. After the purchase immediately poured a new firmware from off. Big brother holds you by the balls, this is the feeling. I’m sitting here, wondering whether to send vobis on the figs with such a body, and do not buy yourself what-string on Phone7. The curious moment — if in Gigabyte indication of sim cards on the screen is located at the left on the right, then in Cosmo Duo — on the contrary. I noticed when the phone hangs, i.

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Please clear your browser cache. Well and it is correct, positioning and audience at devices different.

So it’s not the headset, IMHO. I’ll try to put in the evening, see what will change. In any case, the camera — not dup most necessary element in the businessman’s phone.

My personal sympathies — on Cosmo Duo’s party, about yours — to solve to you. And they want to get a credit card number for purchases in the market. Code on highscreen cosmo duo, highscreeb had a similar problem lg gt decided to hard reset, can you tell what keys to pin to make a hard reset on highscreen?

Phones by Highscreen

Please write what field to drive step by step from the moment that you need highscrwen create coamo new access point Shared knowledge makes the world better. Constantly at an unblocking the camera is keyed and it is necessary to leave at first the application but only then — to work with phone.


If by sight the Gigabyte makes impression of the accurate business device, not image, but such “working horse”, then when using this feeling vanishes. Not the last role was played by a stuffing.

Geek magazine hacker daily blog Home Categories Companies. Of what is really lacking, these are two radio modules, but it does not yet exist in nature, so we smoke How much memory you have in your machine?

Phones by Highscreen

I have to synchronize with gmail, only files attached to contacts, for some reason they are not transmitted. If you have any complaints about this article or you want this article to be deleted, please, drop an email here: And so constantly, until the new drava come out. After the firmware, the network really stopped falling off in the metro.

Therefore in Cosmo Duo I precisely knew that at inclusion phone will not get into a network through a sim card of Beeline. Cosmo Duo for few weeks of use hung up and rebooted only one or two times whereas the Gigabyte did it on couple of times per day steadily. The memory card slot at an end face and it can be set, having only uncovered, the accumulator is not required to be taken out.

For the rest — all right it is cut out, strong sewed, to speak especially there is nothing. Post has been edited – Serge – – Cosmo Duo locates more capacious battery, mAh against mAh in Gigabyte. The results of performance tests of Android devices, refer to the topic: The sizes devices are identical, Cosmo Duo looks slightly more thinly thanks to bevels on the back about which it was told above.


Once during the incoming call, the volume fell, the sound never disappeared. Blade network necessarily occurs if popolzovavatsya with the first Simka inetom. In both devices the possibility of a set of number with any of two sim cards, more or less equally is implemented, there are no complaints to one of them.

The speaker and microphone are excellent, after gsmart I will tell fairly, it is inconvenient, difficult to take out and insert sim cards. Tell me how resistant is the screen of the phone to scratches or il rubs, if it is operated without a protective film?

Code 52 “Windows 7 operating system, tell me how to defeat the problem. To eliminate excesses “looped” Sims redirection if not available.

On Gigabyte it was worth either drowning it more feasibly, or to move.