Does anyone have a work around? Do not perform the telnet test below. Now, this was bit Windows 7, and I know there would be some adjustments for bit Windows 7 and even perhaps for XP, but those can wait. Use a port scanning utility instead to verify port is available to the workstation. This will have to be done each time the application is closed, such as when the server is shut down and restarted. You must enter the information necessary for the user to log on to Sage ERP and gain access to the Sales Order header file. Test printing from remote workstations:

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Has anyone a detailed solution for the settings to enable this?

The Deferred printing option will not be available. If you do not receive and ISAM error, and the report appears after renaming the registry key, the standard driver was being used. ABC was the correct case.

Product Setup > Creating an ODBC Data Source Name

On the server, a share exists above the. If the report previews successfully, verify that other currently used reports and forms print and preview successfully. Clear the Enable for All Users check box if it is selected. Enter the company code, user logon, and password. The second time the instalk is run, the. For the remote user, note the different scenarios of share permissions: Being not a MAS90 specialist, but a systems administrator responsible for the broader picture of ensuring the overall health and orderliness of both servers and workstations, I have often found two things when users remove a program folder manually without a proper uninstallation of the application:.


Sage Support 64bit Office (64bit ODBC driver)

Configure the corporate firewall and router policies to allow port to be accessible from the remote workstations. Sometimes there can be challenges to linking to external databases because of quirks such as the Database being case sensitive.

When printing a form or report from a Legacy module, all the remote user’s printers will appear.

This starts the Services applet. Full integration that synchronizes data updates with an external Odnc package is not a trivial task.

I’m running Version 7.

Do not perform the telnet test below. For the remote user, note the different scenarios of share permissions:. Your issue is that you want to run multiple installs from one desk top.

Sage is not responsible for operation issues caused by incorrectly modifying your Windows Registry. Always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions.

This tests the ODBC server and returns the number of tables in the dictionary.

Expand Library Master and Reports. I then provided the Logon information that I was using. I selected the “MAS 90 4. This opened a dialog box that asked me to select the driver to be used for the new Data Source.


You can also get to this tool from the Administrative Tools folder of the Yow Panel. If Deferred is selected, the user can then print from Deferred to the printer. See the Related Resources section of this document.

Connecting to an External ODBC database e.g. Sage 100cloud

If a blinking cursor appears, this indicates that the connection is successful, otherwise, the connection failed. Always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions. Then there was just one more step, based on a hunch–the deletion of the license information under this registry key with the live informaiton replaced with dummy data, since the live data is obdc actual serial number: The Data Source has to be given a name, a description and I need to specify the path to where my providex.

Exit Sage MAS workstation, and then start it again.

However, the user cannot print from Deferred to his or her printer. If personal firewall software is also used on the server, configure it to allow port to be accessible from the remote workstations.