Software Updating and Management HP provides several tools for managing and updating software on desktops, workstations, and notebooks:. New network card may be defective or may not meet industry-standard specifications. On a warm boot or restart from Windows, if neither attempt succeeds, POST will halt and the user will be instructed to cycle power. Previous state—causes the computer to power on automatically as soon as power is restored, if it was on when power was lost. Configuration files are corrupt.

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Press and hold the power button for at least four seconds until the computer turns off. Program previously accessed did not release reserved memory back to the system. Printer prints garbled information. Check the hard drive format using fdisk: This option may be used to disable multi-processor support under the OS.

HP Compaq dc7900 Business PC – Desktop Management

Monitor video cable is disconnected. Plug the headphones into the headphone connector on the front of the computer. Check all USB ports for additional storage devices. When the key icon appears on the monitor, type the setup password, then press Enter. This selection will only appear when at least one drive that supports the DriveLock feature is attached to the system.


Be in front of your computer when you call.

Get valuable hardware information such as CPU, memory, video, and xos settings. The network controller requires drivers. If you recently installed new software, uninstall the software and see xc7900 the computer functions properly. The memory modules may not be installed correctly.

Set Time and Date. USB flash drive is not seen as a drive letter in Windows. Diagnostics passes, but the computer does not communicate with the network.

Allows you to set system time and date. Smart Cover Lock, featured on some computers, is locked. Wrong memory modules were used in the upgrade or memory modules were installed in the wrong location.

It is offered in two editions:.

HP Compaq dc Business PC – Troubleshooting Without Diagnostics | HP® Customer Support

Ros removable hard drive enclosure is beeping and the green LED is flashing. Internet takes too long to download Web sites. In such a scenario, the hard drive would be rendered unusable and require replacement.


If the local keyboard is disabled, all keyboard input is only accepted from the remote source. Forum members have reported it runs at only MHz. Check that the graphics cable is securely connected to the graphics card and the monitor. Power LED flashes Red four times, once every second, followed by a two second pause, and the computer beeps four times. See your browser’s documentation for specific instructions. The computer then boots from the selected non-default device for this one time.

This selection appears only if a power-on password or setup password is set. The hard disk may be full. After Integrated Video is enabled and changes saved, a new menu item appears under Advanced to allow you to select the primary VGA controller video device.

Verify the connections are correct using the quick setup documentation. Check the drive letter in the path statement.

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