My drives didn’t have it, but maybe it didn’t come with those models. They stopped supporting it 5 minutes later. Join Date Sep Beans If the Hardware wizard does not automatically detect the CD-Writer, unplug the power cord for the Writer and plug it into a wall outlet. I hate vendor software but to suppress the display of the drive you have to install the SmartWare and click the option in the Settings Tab. Click Start , click the My Computer icon with the right mouse button and click Properties. Join Date Oct Beans 8.

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I’m determined, I’m going to format this thing even if I have to use a hammer. For example, if you use the fdisk utility, you will only see the normal partition show up.

Better yet, why does it have to be included on the devices sold? There’s also a brief mention of U3 removal tools. How does HP install software and gather data? You need to configure the device ID for this external hard disk; you need to put those command line parameters in the configuration file of usb-modeswitch and you are done!

Drivers for HP Virtual CD USB Device

This is consistent with a user area of sectors, as per the drive’s virtuual format. It can’t be done. It’s more than just packaging some leaflets and a CD or two.


It has some sort of intelligent transfer feature that prevents data from landing on a bad block. Via USB you couldn’t see that sectors. The first anomaly I’d like to clear up in 44507 mind is in regard to the slight differences in the user area before and after formatting.

The difference, in sectors, is OK, driver found “usb-storage” OK, driver “usb-storage” detached Received inquiry data detailed identification Vendor String: I’ll have another tutorial baked once this is done. However, when I run this automatically or with the manual command Code:. As the machine was already clogged with a quadruple boot, exploring new operating systems would necessitate wiping some of those away or using a second hard disk.

I’ll try updating the firmware to see if the latest version allows the partition to be deleted. I checked the other brand new 1 TB drive – also bad!

It’s still got 1 TB or more accurately when read, GB 457 storage, and that’s fine.

HP CD-Writer Drives – Downloading and Installing the XP USB Driver for Microsoft (R) Windows XP

A logical track has 63 logical sectors, and a logical cylinder has logical tracks or heads. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.

It never really caught on. Read the contents of this file and close the window. Let’s format the device and get rid of the unneeded stuff.


Follow the directions that you found there. After reformatting, he then claims that an increase in the reported size of the user partition is evidence that the VCD’s data area has been reclaimed. virual

[all variants] HP Simple Save Virtual CD

It’s meant so that, if plugged into a windows computer, it automatically loads the proprietary software that came with the hard drive. Now, it does not ruin the effect and power of the device. I have always loved Western Digital products, they are stable, robust and durable and have always served me vritual, but I cannot accept the automated demotion of my intelligence into a mindless yes-man.

The files will extract to the floppy and the ReadMe.

HP Virtual CD 4507 USB Device Drivers

In Windows, I disabled it through the Device Manager. Europe, Middle East, Africa.

The trend of bundling tons of genuinely useless software with hardware devcie is worrying. Select Save this program to disk and click OK. Another gallant, blatant disregard of users.