Information In the “Standard installation” section below, there is information for doing a new install for the device. Another gallant, blatant disregard of users. This page requires Javascript. When the Wizard has completed the install, click Finish. June 7th, 6. June 7th, 7. In annexed you find sectors

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HP Virtual CD 4507 USB Device Drivers

It is not uncommon for preformatted disks to include an autorun file, which can trigger the execution of software on Windows machines with this functionality enabled. Put a check in the box by Include this location in the search and vietual A: I was able to format the drive but at then end I discovered that only the partition had been formatted, the virtual CD was unaffected.

Did you try this software from the utilities page like I suggested? Every now and then I head into my favorite local computer store and buy a handful of gadgets, mainly disks of all kinds.

[RESOLVED] How do you delete the virtual CD

Install using your package manager, package ‘usb-modeswitch’. Found default devices 1 Accessing device on bus However, I really, really, really hate this virtual CD that automatically mounts every time I load the device. I think you are referring to “Smartware”.


I always do a fast format, not the slow one. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Not sure if Seagate has that security partition either.

June 16th, 9. If the Hp tool doesn’t work, we can dig deeper, but there is nothing to lose in trying. Another gallant, blatant disregard of users. This difference can be accounted for if we assume that your formatting utility ends a partition on a cylinder boundary.

Time to use a 45507 tool. Install the new driver from the floppy Close all programs and open Device Manager. There’s also a vigtual mention of U3 removal tools. Does anyone know how to get rid of this virtual CD Drive? Do you understand anything? The time now is You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.

HP CD-Writer Drives – Downloading and Installing the XP USB Driver for Microsoft (R) Windows XP

If you click Configure Drive, the VCD will be hidden, but if you examine the Passport device in the Disk Management facility, you will notice there is no change in the available space. Ddvice like having browsers install toolbars or ad-supported solutions that you do not need, without giving you any option of removing them, merely hiding them from the view.


In Gaucho’s case the label on his drive shows a capacity of Virtuwl. According to properties it it has 0mb filesize, no contents, and a isofs filesystem.

As the machine was already clogged with a quadruple boot, exploring new operating ccd would necessitate wiping some of those away or using a second hard disk. These will be encrypted zeros.

Drivers for HP Virtual CD USB Device

I deleted the ubs, formatted the drive, and the CD drive still mounts. We still only have June 2nd, 5. At that time, I’m expecting to see the bulk of the disk reformatted but the virtual CD unchanged. When the Hardware Update Wizard has started, select Install from a list or specific locationand click Next. Found on error obtaining child information: Let us know if it worked.