Please see Physical Specifications for memory requirements and Software Requirements for driver support. The cost of the kit and associated installation is not covered by the product warranty. This printer has a maximum speed of 12 PPM, with a maximum monthly usage of up to 35, pages. Fonts and macros may be individually deleted from the hard drive. We hold a huge inventory and are in a position to present a fair market price. The parts described in this section are not customer replaceable, and, therefore, must be listed separately from customer replaceable supplies in announcement material. The time from when the printer receives a start printing signal in ready state until one sheet of paper is printed and delivered is approximately 18 seconds.

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The initial versions of NPM will run on three client platforms:.

The printer selects and prknter these PCL fonts differently depending on whether the attachment is coaxial or twinaxial. Please see Hardware Requirements for a list of support Parallel Interface attached devices.

IBM 4312-001 Printer (NP12)

The printer’s ability to maintain rated speed while switching between multiple connections and data streams is critical. Other dealers compete against this, so:.


Discounts may ibn available based on your log-in. The following may be permanently downloaded and stored in the optional hard drive or optional flash memory:.

Supplies for IBM 4312 Network Printer

The rear media exit can provide a straight paper path when using the auxiliary tray as the input source. It has a maximum input of sheets with an optional input drawer. Some examples of the information available using SNMP are: This printer has a maximum speed of 12 PPM, with a maximum monthly usage of up to 35, pages.

Other dealers compete against this, so: Common operator panel functions include:. They are not installable by the end user and must be installed by a trained service technician.

Additional memory may be required, please see the memory requirements table. With the coaxial attachment, fonts can only be selected by specifying characters-per-inch CPI. Want to use your own freight account for shipping? Up to double the page yield 12, pages may be obtained using Toner Savings Technology.

Please see the National Language Support Section for details on world trade line cords. Code page is also resident to be used for bar codes.

The Low Volt Model ships with a U. This tray is offered as an extra or replacement tray for the optional paper drawer with sheet tray. These times are subject to a number of variables including: Feature codes are not applicable to ordering this product.


This tray is offered as an extra or replacement tray for the printer. Call ivm REAL source! An additional number of microcode features keeps the printer running at the highest possible efficiency. Please see the Physical Specification section for technical details on these printer options.

IBM Network Printer

There is one printer controller slot for optional flash memory. TonerMiser mode can increase the yield of the toner cartridge up to percent by reducing the amount of toner placed on the printed page. The only “no charge” part number available for this product is the 6ft U. Today’s environments require support of multiple printer data streams. The sheet paper tray cannot be used when the envelope tray is installed. IBM Network Printer 12 at a glance. The printer options listed below may be ordered by part number.

Handles up to 50 envelopes.