This is the best arrow rest I have ever shot! To adjust spring tension, loosen allen screw on spring retainer and turn upwards for more tension and downwards for less tension. July 13, at Closer towards the limb pocket equals earlier in shot cycle, closer towards limb tip equals later in the shot cycle. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Very quiet and deadly accurate.

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Tie limb driver cord around the limb over the pad using a half hitch knot. As long as the cord is allowed to go slack and come tight, it is perfectly fine touching or rubbing different parts of your bow.

David, the Pro-V will work on most bows. Just switched from a whisker biscuit to the Limbdriver Pro-V and immediately got tighter groups and better accuracy.

To adjust the center shot, loosen windage bolt and slide rest left or right to desired location and tighten windage bolt. March 22, at 4: I hope this information will be useful. Remove paper backing and adhere pad to clean limb surface. Chris, please contact Ears at the shop regarding your question. July 31, at 2: Actually, the weight of the vapor trail limb driver is only 5 ounces that is easy to adjust. Arrow lies on the arrow rest while taking a shot.


Limb Driver Setup Instructions

April 18, at 8: I shoot a Mathews Z7 extreme, any way to attached to the bottom limb? Shot 4 arrows at 15 yards, made an adjustment left.

I replaced the moleskin and tightened the cable so that the rest was firmly pressed against the rubber stopper with an empty bow, and still the fletching hit. Also, I had seen some of the other blog posts and user reviews to see what others are thinking.

Vapor Trail Limb Driver Arrow Rest Review (Honest Opinion)

It had worked flawlessly and made me a better archer. I have a PSE bow madness single cam. We need arrow rest to improve accuracy. Please email me at ears vaportrailarchery. Easy to ijstall up and tune. The Vapor trail pro v installation is also another thing that was quite impressive. After I set the center shot and elevation I set the spring tension so the rest would pop up with the arrow installed just enough to bounce the arrow slightly but not so fast as to cause the arrow to lift pass the forks.

March 22, at Give us a call if you have any questions at all! However, the fapor rest might not fit with all the bows in the market, so check it out before buying. And best of all, the VT staff actually answers your questions and provides real-time support.


Top 10 Reasons to shoot a Limb Driver Pro-V – Vapor Trail, Inc. Vapor Trail, Inc.

A simple turn of a set screw can add or lessen vaporr spring tension, making the forgiveness and setup even more streamlined. Keep tension on cord while pushing launcher arm down toward the shelf and tighten cord set screw to hold cord and rest in place. Moreover, the paper tuned the bow and the site delivers the well-balanced shot. I have a Mathews only Pro V on my Triax.

I have unattached my activation cord dozens of times while in the middle of a 3D shoot just to show people how easy it is to setup. This, my friends, is one of the cornerstones of a limb driven rest. While gathering resources and information to make this limb driver pro v review, I had to use it for testing purpose, more intensely.