This is a major job. I feel somewhat better now. The new interface will not work. I just can’t connect to the interface Computer to U. There is a misconception on the Insteon Signaling. If the U is plugged in to a USB hub, then try plugging it in to the computer directly.

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Multi-Way wizard – While the Visual Scene Editor is easy to use, if you want to create a multi-way association – where each device controls all the others in the association and all respond to each other – HCA provides a wizard to do all the work for you.

PowerLinc V2 Controller – Insteon USB Interface 2414U

I used a S Serial Version U was to slow for me and had downloaded timers in it. I can’t get a new u to connect to my mac. I don’t think this will effect the no connection thing, but some reports show the latest units didn’t act the same with X10 commands. Also none of the Insteon devices will retransmit X10 signals; only Insteon ones. I have bought a starter iinsteon with the USB U. Don’t plug other PLC transmitters into the same outlet as the Controller.

Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Like the Access Points for phase coupling.

Show More Show Less. I think the unit is damaged, but before ordering another one, I want to make sure insyeon u works with indigo and snow leopard. Indigo is made by Perceptive Automation and it’s made for Apple computers only. Not only does it have to be installed but it has to be reprogrammed along with all the other devices that link with it.


Insteon switches and modules do not use RF between them; only powerline signals. I wante d my bulbs LOL. Visual Scene Editor – Rather than creating insgeon manually, HCA provides a visual method to program scene controllers and scene responders.

The PowerLinc Controller (PLC) U is no longer supported here – HomeSeer Message Board

I just use it to screw with my Windoze friends. The 6′ best 10′ max maybe a known to work distance and longer may work just if it didn’t “We told you 10′ didn’t we? Now I have to clean it all up and re-paint the den. You can create HCA program triggers based upon Insteon keypad insteeon switch action.

I could get some lamp modules for this knsteon and play with it, but eh. Good conditionsun faded, as seen in pictures Good condition, sun faded, as seen in pictures. Posted on Wed Jan 19, The question I have is if I turn my x10 at the switch will it activate the keypadlinc button I have programmed with that address?


Using HCA power failure recovery, you can provide better control over individual devices than what the devices can do themselves. From an Insteon network you can quickly build a HCA design.

I now have a ISY99i controller. Any software used to access either of them will not access the other one. Read full review Verified purchase: HCA doesn’t support downloading of schedules and programs to the PowerLinc memory. The inxteon manual control of the switch does not send any kinda of signal. Good news; glad the update was the fix. Yes you told me so. An Older Insteon Product Probably works fine with the right insteon devices, lnsteon it did 22414u pick my Insteon LED bulbs, so that was a bit of bummer since I bought it to replace the hub since the hub would not run scheduled scenes correctly.

Did anyone have problems reported in the Indigo forums? During the development of HCA we concentrated on Insteon. On, Off, and Dim operations supported.