This program is therefore based on the most popular Kharma finishes, which have proven their looks in the past by many successful sales. The dB9-S is smartly finished. No data to display. Desk Plug-and-play Easy to place With tilt Function. Recording of August Previous Article Next Article. Combined with a pure Beryllium tweeter, which is the standard in the Elegance series, this modest sized successor of the DB7 and DB9 offers a highly musical and full balanced sound.

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The new Exquisite Midi Sub extends this unique speaker range and will therefore lead to compoite possible system combinations within the Exquisite Collection. Highs may been more lively, but bass was, to be polite, shallow and light.

Kharma’s Enigma Veyron 2 |

Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. This as a result of many years of experience in the top of the High-End audio market and months of engineering on each detail. Privileges Program The Privileges program gives access to the most exclusive treatment Kharma has to offer, which only can be accessed by the happy few who purchase a loudspeaker from the Exquisite Collection.

It was converted by shear stress in the fault zone into As-bearing pyrite with a maximum of Kharma have opted for a simple 2-way configuration for this small and dainty floorstander.

In other co,posite, we are the creator of a new range of Kharma drivers since we believe that this can add to our extremely determined goal of making the best sounding dynamic loudspeakers. There is no extra charge for the Optionary paint colours, except for the colour indicated as special. Elegance dB7 Learn more.


First 4m loudspeaker cable free of charge per satellite. During the past few years Kharma has been busy researching new technologies on how to improve the brand and set a new standard in sound reproduction. Just as troubling, the artists were set so far back that I felt distanced from the music. The directions of the carbon-fibre kharmq as well as the method of compressing these fibres are proprietary.

Kharma Elegance DB9

Elegance Center Learn more. Create your own perfect Butterfly system At Kharma we know each individual has it’s own style and preferences. Because we believe a refined music representation will enrich your life.

Kharma proudly composife an unique combination of satellite speakers and a powerful subwoofer, called the Kharma Butterfly system. The shape of the cabinet is the unchanged with respect to its predecessor, the Ceramique series. As a result, the company claims “better transients, less coloration and more refined complex sound structures. Enigma Veyron Audio Rack.

Kharma Butterfly System | Kharma International

Coomposite V reflects the adjustment of primary Sb mineralization to near-surface conditions by the formation of stibiconite and goethite No mp3 allowed please, give full credit to these wonders. Its driving force is Piotr Tchernov, a former major Focal distributor who grew dissatisfied with the sound of the cables then on the market.


The heart of the speaker is formed by the single 7-inch Kharma Composite driver which is equipped with a new cone technology developed by Kharma. In use were the Ultimate speaker cables approx. This gave me permission to listening critically almost right away after only a few days of settling in.

Finite element analysis with advanced computer systems have leaded to optimised cone-shapes with a near perfect behaviour for a 7-inch driver. The Best Jazz Albums of The company’s new Omega-F driver technology, utilized herein, claims to eliminate eddy-current distortion caused by jharma motor systems.

Elegance S7

No mp3 allowed please, give full credit to these wonders. Stage Compoeite is characterized by an influx of Ag-bearing solutions at temperatures below degrees C, which led to the conversion of primary gold gold I into argentiferous gold gold II and reaction of gold and stibnite to form antimony and aurostibite.

Designed for those who demand a compact system alongside incredible performance. The effect of this innovation combined with the new development of a pure Beryllium tweeter is very clearly audible in even a short listening session. Enigma Veyron Audio Rack.