The camera uses a single lithium-ion battery pack, which comes with the camera. The important controls are well-placed and “feel right” when you use them. AC adapter and included battery. Images are very noisy — to the point where it noticeably degrades image quality. Its thin body is also quite inconspicuous when the camera is powered off, but the swivel body design may draw a little attention when shooting. Focus ranges from 2.

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Kyocera Finecam L3V

Simon Joinson on the Seattle years. Below the zoom controller is the release for the door covering the memory card slot. March 10, Last Updated: To the right of the LCD are two buttons plus the four-way controller. Rogue drones cause chaos at London’s Gatwick international airport.

The SLR employs a Multi-Area Evaluation metering system by default, which divides the image area into sections to determine the best overall exposure. All the way on the far right of the back panel, this sliding lever releases the SD compartment door. The 3x zoom lens is contained entirely inside the camera body and doesn’t have to extend on startup, so the SLR is fairly quick on the draw. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s The S5 employs a Multi-Area Evaluation metering system by default, which divides the image area into sections to determine the best overall exposure.


The right side of the SLR as viewed from the rear holds the wrist strap eyelet, as well as the connector compartment. Dec 24, Read the “support this site” blurb at the top the carrier pages, and think about it while you’re waiting for the images to download. This compact interchangeable-lens model is a great step-up from APS-C models, as long Pressing the Display button beneath the LCD once removes the information overlay, pressing it again turns the LCD off entirely, and pressing it a third time restores the default display.

The items up here are the microphone and power and shutter release buttons.

Kyocera Finecam S3 Review

So how does the photo quality stand up? Intro Kyocera’s 4-megapixel Finecam MR, which sports a 10X zoom lens, may look like another me-too megazoom digicam, but the company says that speedy performance provided by a technology it calls RTune sets this model apart.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners. It moves the zoom quickly perhaps too much so from wide to telephoto in a little over a second. Pressing the left or right arrow keys scrolls to the next or previous image.

Kyocera Finecam S3 Review: Digital Photography Review

Kyocera includes an older koycera of Pixela’s decent ImageMixer software. For one, colors often but not always seemed dull and drab, especially brownish colors which looked pale.

Overall, this is a camera for users more concerned about style than photography. Memory card corruption can happen with any card type and any camera manufacturer, nobody’s immune. There’s no purple fringing to speak of here.


DCRP Review: Kyocera Finecam S5

A rear-mounted, four-way pad with a center Set button controls most of the Finecam MR’s functions, and the rest of the buttons and dials are well placed. We finish our tour with a look at the bottom of the camera.

I don’t know about others, but IE 5. By default the camera tells you absolutely nothing about your photos, but by pressing the Display button you can get the two screens you see above. Feedback Jeff welcomes your comments or questions. As always, I recommend a trip to your local camera store to try out the Finecam S5 and its competitors before you buy!

Let’s begin our degree kyoccera of the Finecam S5 now! There’s also a Color mode for capturing images in black-and-white or sepia tones, and Chroma and Sharpness adjustments.

The LCD menu system itself is fairly simple to navigate however, as a set of menu options appear along the bottom edge of the display, and the arrow keys navigate the choices.