By default, Management Suite logs remote control actions, including the device being remote controlled and the console doing the remote controlling. Launches a remote control and chat session connecting to the device named “gamma”. For example, to remote control a device with address Another way you can optimize performance is to suppress the remote wallpaper. This section describes problems you may encounter when remote controlling a device and possible solutions. Are there any commandline switches for the issuser. I can’t figure out how to restrict the permission to particular admin only.

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Even the little toolbar Send A Special Key Sequence feature at the top of the remote session will not work. All of these applications will be located in the C: Run as admin variables. Email Address Required, will not be published.

I have remoted another client with same OS and works fine. Have someone has an idea???

Once you’ve taken control of a remote device, its screen appears in the viewer window. Correct Answers – 20 points. This feature works even if you’re not viewing a remote device’s screen. The only way I’ve found to remove the mirror driver is either disabling it or totally removing it from Device Manager. Commandline switches for the issuser. It appears that you really have no choice when installing the client agent with Remote Control capabilities as to whether the mirror driver gets installed or not, is this correct?


Verified Product Versions Endpoint Manager 9.

How To: Completely Remove EPM from a Remote Con | Ivanti User Community

Before you can do any remote control tasks, you must connect to the target device. The device controls remote access security. Delete files that may be left over. Once you deploy the update to devices, their agents will use the settings you specified.

How can Uninstall LANDesk Remote Control Mirror Driver – Windows Error Repair Instructions

This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. There is a program, nltest.

It can be run from that share or copied to the local client and executed. Popular Discussion Threads in Remote Control.

The problem is that it’s not a truly silent uninstall, which is what we need. When the viewer reduces the color depth, the viewer has to map the full mirro palette from the remote desktop to a reduced color palette in the viewer.

Disabling or Removing the LANDesk Remote Contro | Ivanti User Community

All of your actions are in real-time on that device. The only work around we have found is having the user reboot their PC which doesn’t help when trying to fix a issue.


Automatic and complete removal. A message box will appear on your computer telling you if the user cancelled the request. Is there any way to allow both people to control devices on Windows 7 bit?

When the mirror driver is installed with it, the standard agent and the mirror driver coexist. Keyboard and Mouse greyed out. This toggles the agent between direct mode and gateway mode. If you want to change the connection type the agent listens for, double-click the remote control status icon in the target device’s system tray and click Switch mode.

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The user has the option of clicking OK to immediately reboot, or Cancel to not accept the request. If the user click “Yes”, only one can remote control the screen. Your message will appear on the remote device’s screen.