One smooth piece of plastic bifurcates into the left and right button areas, with the wheel in the middle. The recent MouseMans MouseMen? In terms of design, the MX is the most distinguished of the line. Commonly enough, particularly with the MX for some reason, I saw triple step behaviour, where two steps were ignored and then three came all at once. It costs more, yes, but you can’t have everything. Firstly, it’s the only one with real buttons.

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The good news is that Logitech’s “MouseWare” driver software, which supports pretty much every mouse they’ve mousw made, allows you to reconfigure the quick-switch button to do something else. The quick-switch button is so named because its default behaviour, in Windows, is to open up an Alt-Tab-ish icon list of all the windows you’ve currently got open, so you can click one to choose it. Again, it sure doesn’t hurtand people who are doing photo retouching or CAD or whatever are certainly going to have more use for a super-resolution mouse oogitech people who are doing word processing or spreadsheet work.

I prefer Page Up and Page Down bound to my side buttons, but to each his own.

Logitech Mx300 Optical Mouse USB MX 300 930672-0403

Aus PC Market don’t sell the MX-series mice, mouses or meeses any more, but their mouse lineup of course includes all of Logitech’s current products, including the G5which replaces the MX High mouse speed lets you turn around fast without having to move anything above your wrist; fine control lets you line up weapons on small targets, for those moments when the enemy’s a speck in the distance, and chivalrous play is not on your agenda.

The little feet on the bottom may scuff up and the cable may eventually fail, but otherwise, opticals last forever, with no maintenance, unless you manage to get a pizza crumb stuck over the lens. The button switches are under the sheet of plastic.

The workaround to let you use the scroll wheel properly without quitting MouseWare isn’t too complex; you just set the wheel in MouseWare to scroll zero lines per click, and then use Tweak UI available for Win95 to Win hereand for WinXP herego to the Mouse settings, and turn on the “Use mouse wheel for scrolling” option.


You simply mouse over and click the one you wish to bring forward. I use the MX and MX and it would take an army to get me back on a symmetrical mouse. By that I mean one of the PC editors.

There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the MX mouse hardware ; MouseWare just gets in the way untidily between that hardware and Windows.

As for resolution, the engine offers dpi, which means you’re moyse with any size monitor. Logitech’s MX-series mouses are their shiny new models, but they’re, fortunately, not just last year’s mouse in a new wrapper.

Review: Logitech MX , MX and MX mouses

So I’m in the dark about what, if anything, the mx3000 number means. Macintosh users, who’ve always had high sample rate mouses, suffer fits of revulsion if confronted with slow PC mouses. Electronically, I’m unconvinced that there’s anything very special about them, though. Until last month my favorite mouse was Logitech’s Dual Opticala formidable device by any standards.

This would all be for naught if the MX wasn’t fast and accurate. The ‘s the basic model, the ‘s got extra buttons and swoopy design, and the ‘s is probably the oogitech cordless mouse that’s yet been made.

Logitech MX 300, MX 500 and MX 700 mouses

In Internet Explorer, the MXs were unable to scroll more than about eight steps per second, which meant twirling the wheel with gusto could leave mmouse waiting for what seemed like an age for the page to march up the window and get to the point you ordered. The MX is a cheap super-high-resolution optical that looks nice and mmouse left-hander-friendly; despite its extra button being useless in games with the current software, anywayit’s a decent piece of gear for the money.

The removable battery door lets you exchange the MX ‘s batteries if you want, but mouwe people will have no need to, possibly for years. The MX is held together by two screws one in the battery bay, one under another cross-scored stickerand doesn’t need any metal weights to bulk it up. It looks better, it’s got better resolution, it feels very nice, and it’s got just as many buttons for games, and even more for Windows stuff.


There’s a separate little circuit board in the lid of the mouse for the quick-switch key, but apart from that the MX doesn’t look particularly unusual inside.

The Hewlett-Packard technology they used has been improved since, but the basic idea’s the same; a little camera peers out of the bottom of the mouse at whatever you’re moving it over; the red light they all have underneath them is an LED that obliquely illuminates the surface to bring out its detail.

No, the big deal about the MXthe thing which makes it unique among tail-less rodents, mmouse its sample rate – how frequently the cursor position is updated. Cordless mouses need batteries, and most of them aren’t rechargeable; changing batteries is a pain.

Less great-feeling, and less easy to reach, are the three further buttons the and sport. It’s also the only southpaw-friendly model.

If a cordless mouse appeals to you for other reasons, though – for controlling your lounge-room or business-presentation PC from across the room, for instance, or just because you hate cables – then the MX isn’t a budget priced option, but it’s a sleek, stylish, well-made one that works well, given the abovementioned MouseWare limitations.

It costs more, yes, but you can’t have everything.

You’re probably used to it by now, but I bet you wish there were a mousw, ergonomically shaped mouse for your left hand.

Then everything worked, except for the quick-switch button. This means you can charge your mouse without actually plugging it into a computer, which may be useful to you.