Mann noted with disgust: Their social movements advocated mutuality in an age when individual 52 [ Spectacular Labor ] farmers and workers had become increasingly vulnerable to the impersonal vagaries of the industrial marketplace. Bailey imported a large force of Virginia negroes, who were greatly pleased with all the excitement and novelty of circus life. In the s Ernie Burch dressed in drag, complete with enormous rubbery breasts, gowns, gaudy [ King of B east s to Clowns in D rag ] Figure But inspite of all their blandishments, my feelings of propriety were exceedingly shocked, for I could but consider them as having overstepped the due limits of female decorum. As a bachelor, the trick rider Al Mann freely fraternized with local women while the circus was in town. We sent everywhere for men.

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Instead, impresarios emphasized the startling acts themselves. He quit the circus business in and bought [ Spectacular Labor ] 71 a tented minstrel show, Silas Green from New Orleans, which made him wealthy. In the Hagenbeck-Wallace program and route book contained a photograph of an elephant pulling a plow, captioned: The pay range for circus workers ranged dramatically and was generally determined by three factors: They consciously framed their exhibitions of the world with normative tropes about labor, racial inequality, separate spheres, and U.

A hundred years earlier U.

Then Laura heard a faint, faraway hum. They carried their own police force, their own detective force. Chains that bound him broke like springs, and he was almost free.

Judy Cochran, graduate advisor for the UW history department, deserves special thanks. While working as a cattle foreman in Montana, Al Mann became a Wild West rider after a circus performer saw him win a rodeo 74 [ Spectacular Labor ] contest. After a group of young intellectuals mh-390 as the Greenwich Village sex radicals denounced state-sanctioned monogamous marriages in favor of multiple sexual partnerships. It furnished us with jokes.


Thanks also to Meg Allen, who kindly processed all of my photographic requests and double-checked various references. One car somersaulted across a twentyfoot chasm while the other simultaneously shot out straight beneath it.

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Why was this circus display at the Museum of Science and Industry of all places? Furthermore, the Progressive advocates of the playground movement may have designed urban bigtip areas with the circus in mind: Doris circus in ; later, with the Ringling Bros. The cheeks are pouch-like and like monkeys. Yet circus promoters paid little attention to the origins and social standing of the male acts.

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Newspaper cartoons commonly depicted business trusts and industrialists as animal and human circus actors. Contemporary scientists wrote widely about the large male animal.

The great increase of city and sedentary life has been bogtop too sudden for the human body—which was developed by hunting, war, agriculture, and manifold industries now given over to steam and machinery—to adapt itself healthfully or naturally to its new environment.

Circus owners used the holdback system of pay in part to curtail potential drunkenness—even though instances of alcohol consumption occurred regularly.

The Circus Age: Culture and Society under the American Big Top

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Instead, I recognized that the circus is a dazzling mirror of larger historical processes.

Yet he died inbefore he could make his exclusive, urban circus a reality. Some women joined the circus because their husbands were members of a show. Dramatizations of stoicism and pain were tied to racial stereotypes.

Regarding a twentieth-century elephant pyramid act, the anthropologist Yoram S.

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She was merely looking your way. Rockefeller explained their success with such Spencerian language as well. One thing is certain in hindsight: Although covered in clown white, his facial features essentially remained his own.

The lady giantess towered over the curious crowds at the sideshow. Robinson, sixty-six, died that same season, but the brothers plowed on.