In the window which opens, select Search automatically for updated driver software. The length, in bytes, of the optional data buffer. As the final step, the key is imported into the CA for archival. Data could be authentication data such as a PIN. Return value AccessCondition Context information for the call.

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Developers who want to read or write this file from other applications can use the following sample code snippets to access the data. In this case the returned value should include all the supported key spec.

If this command succeeds, a PIV application is present on the card and is now selected. To prevent the YubiKey Minidriver from being reinstalled after removal, it can be blocked via the Windows Group Policy.

DWORD that indicates the data buffer length. This structure is used by the minidriver to define the attributes of the key BLOB to be processed by secure key injection calls.

Windows Inbox Smart Card Minidriver

Return value pmszFileNames Zero on success; otherwise, nonzero. If the specified container name is NULL, the default container is deleted. The CardCreateContainerEx function creates a new key container that the container index identifies and the bContainerIndex parameter specifies. When the YubiKey is not seen as a smart card on the host Window PC, Administrators can try the following troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.


It describes what clase to be rendered. Indication of whether this is a PIN change or unblock operation. This requires a cache search by reader name. The server side of the authentication exchange compares the signed data with a known cryptographic key to validate the authentication attempt.

Click Browsechoose your enrollment agent certificate from the Security Pop-up screen, and then click Next. The following are the file access control microsoftt For more information about smart card minidriver specifications for Windows, visit the following Microsoft Web site: Set the policy to determine if touching the YubiKey’s button is required to use the certificate’s private key.

The decryption of the encrypted session pin can be performed by calling CardProcessEncryptedData.

The minidriver instructs the smart card to create a microskft pair. The handle of the cryptographic key that is used to encrypt the data.

The functionality in a card minidriver is narrowly scoped and carefully defined so that the card-dependent code is simple to implement and easy to verify functionally.

The following table is a list of the different types that pbData takes depending on wszProperty the structures are serialized as byte arrays. Cpass bSecretAgreementIndex member is updated within the passed-in structure to which pSecretInfo points.


YubiKey Smart Card Deployment Guide : Yubico Support

If CardGetChallenge was not called before calling CardAuthenticateChallenge, the count of remaining authentication attempts is not decremented. Microsogt that do not support returning the count of remaining authentication attempts should return -1 for this value if pdwcAttemptsRemaining is non-NULL.

Therefore, such exclusive connections are minimized. Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues. The minidriver returns an indication to the client application that the key was generated. The CardDeauthenticateEx function must always be provided.

To remove a container cleanly, use the following command while running with elevated permissions as administrator:. Microsoft has built an impressive collection of integrated cloud service capabilities that span infrastructure, platforms and applications. Context flags The following table shows the context flags used as restrictions for the container microsoct operation.

This structure is also used to return the results. If a different policy is desired, a new certificate and private key must be created.