That’s the first encoded byte. New version of my tool, compatible with firmware Maybe later I will code something easier to use if there is some demand which I highly doubt. The checksum is very simple, it’s a double sum of every other byte. These are things which the iPod and average MP3 player cannot handle. It looks like people don’t like hexadecimal editors, so I’ve created a first tool with a graphical interface for Windows Guillermito Cube Mod v1 , source included for easy change of the boot logo for the DAHi Cube the one sold in Walmart in the US.

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An actual BMP is here. Maybe a few menus, and the fonts.

MobiBLU Dahi 1gb Mp3 Digital Cube Audio Player | eBay

If you ordered your cube at Walmart in the US, you don’t need it. Start from the bottom. In addition to the size, the player has lots more going for it, like cool colors, a great OLED display, and many useful features. Update 2, feb 16 It happened to me. The cube is extremely small one incha cute OLED blue screen, and ,p3 curious and funny cubic shape.

So sometimes a full-screen image frame will be bytes long, sometimes bytes long. Standard buttons like these are moniblu as elegant as the controls on something like the iPod, but they are very easy to use. The Nokia viewing tools we are using do the opposite. Every byte during the whole length of resource. For such a prominently tiny product, it offers a total of 11 accessories according to mobiBLU’s Online Store.


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First, the offset in decimal as used by FlashGraphicthen in hexadecimal as used by FlashViewthen an image mobinlu what is it. The USB connect image note that there will be a small icon overlapping it during connection, check the example with the hand:.

MobiBLU has done a great job with this flash player from a hardware sense, but has also made it easy to navagate, not as easy as the iPod, but its size makes that almost ombiblu. Features like these are a major selling point, especially the ability to play FM radio, though ,p3 move to podcasts is rapidly cutting down on this demand.

Various cube-shaped Skins have not been listed nor announced at the American website or shop.

Here is where are the images I changed the firmware version is We can use FlashView 1. Just don’t touch the code.

Get the first column of pixels on the left.

Oh, and a 2 Gb cube is now out and for sale at Walmart again. And now, the old version of the page before I programmed the easy tool.

If you modify some important part of the code, your cube will be dead.


You can also use FlashGraphic v1. The good thing is that I could open it without too much worry, to see how they managed to get everything inside and the nice engineering of the cube, just like themand them and them. Note that the offsets are the same in 1. moviblu

Curiously, only the former firmware is protected by a checksum integrity verification routine. So, if you don’t want to take any risk, don’t modify anything.

Here are some mpp3, re-transformed into GIF for universal browser viewing. The firmware and the design is a little bit different and clearly improved, although for some reason I preferred the fonts, but I can live with it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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mobibblu Don’t unleash the lawyers: The buttons are a bit small, but they have a clearly defined click so navigation is clearly defined. I found out that several people already coded nice tools to decode and sometimes change images in Nokia firmwares, so I didn’t have to code my own. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page.