La concessione del finanziamento e il perfezionamento dell’ordine sono soggetti alla preventiva approvazione da parte di Consel SpA. It was called the Tyros 2, and was definitely more a domestic keyboard on steroids than a fully-fledged professional instrument. You can record your keyboard playing, freely calling up various Arpeggio types as you improvise, then edit the Song later as necessary. Tutte le transazioni sono sicure e le informazioni relative ai dati della carta di credito verranno inviate attraverso una connessione sicura SSL. Yamaha Music Australia painfo gmx. Pattern track, Tempo track, Scene Song:

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Yamaha MOTIF XS8 Keyboard Synthesizer

The two remaining jacks are analogue inputs to the sampling section. To the left of the display are eight 60mm sliders unmotorisedand eight centre-detented pots for xs control of innumerable parameters — everything from filter frequency and resonance through to arpeggiator swing and quantise strength.

The two RAM slots are empty when supplied from the factory and actual sample lengths are xxs8 to 64MB for stereo and 32MB in mono. Intuitive Interface The interface features pitch and modulation wheels, a ribbon controller, and assignable sliders and knobs so you can make real-time tweaks to parameters and effects while you play.

There are approximately 6, different Arpeggio phrases on board, and you can have four ss8 Arpeggios, playing four different instrument parts, running simultaneously-in perfect sync, of course.

MOTIF XS Series – Specs – Yamaha – Canada – English

The XS8 also has a much sturdier and more realistic keybed than the hollow keys of the XS6 and XS7 — they are hollow underneath and feel lighter like a synthesizer board. Post vendita Pagamenti rateali Sei un rivenditore?


Excited to have this keyboard as my main instrument.

The piano action keyboard of the XS8 feels very realistic, and transmits both velocity and aftertouch. A wide selection of special Mega Voices provide even more expressive nuance, when used with sequencer tracks or the special Mega Voice Arpeggios.

Tutti i pacchi viaggiano assicurati ed in imballi rinforzati. With all this and more, the MOTIF XS will soon be your favorite ‘go—to’ instrument—whether you’re composing at home, recording in the studio, or playing live. See any errors on this page? Tutte le transazioni sono sicure e le informazioni relative ai dati della carta di credito verranno inviate attraverso una connessione sicura SSL.

Everything stays in sync, and everything follows your chord changes. Speaking of “vintage,” the instrument also includes a sophisticated Vocoder effect that produces classic robotic synthesizer sounds, molded by your speaking or singing voice through a connected microphone.

Have a drum Voice play an automatic rhythm, add an Arpeggio bass phrase, and fly in other instrument phrases as the inspiration hits you. New acoustic piano, electric piano and orchestral samples—not to mention xxs8 richly textured and distinctly electronic synthesizer waves—give you the sonic tools to fully realize virtually any style of music and any instrumentation.


As you play, you can store your ideas as songs or patterns to the internal memory. The MOTIF XS has a full complement of effects, both insert Insertion and send Systemand includes a special set of VCM Virtual Circuitry Modeling effects that authentically model the elements in analog circuitry, realisticallyrecreating the uniquely warm characteristics of vintage processing gear.


Its reproduction of various instrument sounds such as the grand piano, church organ, violin, etc. Hai riscontrato un problema durante la navigazione?

Yamaha MOTIF XS8 Keyboard Synthesizer | eBay

A-series tricks such as the Recycle-esque beat-slicing are present in the XS machines. The Expanded Articulation system provides more natural legato, staccato, and key release sounds, while special Mega Voices add richness to sequencer tracks and arpeggios. There are no reviews to display.

Skip to main content. A single Voice can have up to eight separate sound Elements, enabling composite sounds of remarkable complexity and nuance. Resta inteso che StrumentiMusicali. Il consumatore ha diritto di recedere dal contratto entro il termine convenzionale di 15 giorni dal ricevimento della merce, restituendo il bene oggetto del recesso al venditore.

Effects include reverb, delay, EQ, and more.

Restano esclusi dal diritto di recesso anche gli acquisti effettuati da rivenditori o da soggetti che a qualsiasi titolo acquistano per la rivendita a terzi. With all this and more, the MOTIF XS will soon be your favorite ‘go-to’ instrument – whether you’re composing at home, recording in the kotif, or playing live.

Need To Know Price. With one press on the Record button you can record directly from the Performance mode into the sequencer – perfect to sketch your ideas. Record your vocals or acoustic guitar with a microphoneelectric guitar or bass, or even short rhythm loops from a sample CD.