If you have any problems, please contact us immediately and we will repair or replace the part quickly. Please e-mail your shipping address and phone number: With its dot-per-inch resolution enhanced with FinePrint technology, in addition to its PhotoGrade support, the Apple LaserWriter Pro PS provides the outstanding print quality you need. But I don’t know how to do that. I am running Mac OS

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If you want to add a LocalTalk printer to an Ethernet network, see the Threemacs.

ATPM – Networking: Sharing Apple Printers

Thanks for any help you may provide. I’m still OK with OS I would like to know how to troubleshoot the formatter oro. I’ll have to dig it up later and post. The number of bits used to represent each character.

windows-ntxp – Windows XP Pro and Apple Laserwriter Pro | DaniWeb

Accumulates prints face down for normal page order. Need connection advice re: Ethernet Ethernet is straightforward. LocalTalk option, EtherTalk option [51]. You’ll need to hook the Asante adapter up to the printer, and plug an Ethernet cable from your hub or router in to the adapter.

This printer could print at forty characters per second. Darren, Thanks so much.


I don’t know what three lights on would mean, my service manual for the is elsewhere. Even after I have set the page to print at Letter or Letter Small, the next laxerwriter, it prints at “A4” without notice, so the tops of pages are constantly being cut off unless I remember to go to Page Setup each and every time which I don’t!

How to Become a Network Guru

In this printer, I found that I have to wait till the light stop blinking before I could print to it. I am wondering if the Firewall is “blocking” the port, but I also don’t know what the port is that the LW Pro uses.

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Accumulates prints face down for normal page order. These parts are tested and rebuilt if necessary. Any idea how I can get it to work? StyleWriter I, II,, The test print produced a page with verticle lines running the entire length of the page. Wimdows quirk is that, in order to print from my XP Pro laptop which works well, BTWI must first boot my other Mac which is only physically wired to AC, although the printers are connected to the network via Airport Extreme units.

Its FinePrint laserwrifer produces smooth text and line art, making it especially good for printing from graphics applications.


If it’s a network, unless an installable network card is available for that model printer which I have no information onyou may simply have to upgrade to a different printer that has network card support. Can someone help me with that? The printer features automatic port, protocol, and emulation switching between the PostScript Level 2 and PCL 5 languages. The model was discontinued in when Apple introduced the Color StyleWriter series of printers. Each series had several models, some with network support and some without.

XP Pro doesn’t support AppleTalk printers. Open the Chooser on the host Mac, then select the printer icon and the Setup… button to open the configuration window. laderwriter

Can I connect my Imac to a laser writer pro? I attempted to open the right side panel after reading an earlier post regarding this same printer but had difficulties, thus could not remove it for fear of breaking the casing. Is that why it’s not working? It only has a phone jack which I assume is the LocalTalk connection.