In Windows Device mode, you must use Windows Media Player 10, which allows you to autosync audio and video, as well as take advantage of PlaysForSure content, such as songs purchased or downloaded from various online stores. The LCD produces x pixels–a bit on the low side, given its size–and , colors. I was able to record a movie as it played with no issues, to watch later. The Archos AV is big. It can record from myriad external video sources.

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Measuring 7 inches diagonally, it’s significantly larger than most portable video player PVP screens, which usually top out at 3 to 4 inches. Archos AV Mobile DVR With its 7-inch-wide screen, TV-friendly recording capabilities, and kitchen-sink roster of media features, the Archos AV would seem to be the ideal traveling companion for movie buffs, couch potatoes, and music fans alike.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. For establishing easy and semipermanent connections to your TV or home stereo, Archos supplies a TV docking pod.

These are accessed and navigated using monile, scroll-down, and select buttons that reside under your right thumb. The latter provides a standard USB 2.

Archos AV Sound & Vision | eBay

We’ve changed, we promise. Further complicating matters, converting video files is a hassle, and the screen itself isn’t that great, though its wide viewing angle should accommodate everyone in the backseat.


Love this PocketDish player This is not the first of these playrers I have. It does everything I need it too. Nice mobils, good metal body and good response.

Unlike the similar docks included with previous Archos PVPs, this one doesn’t cradle the ,obile or even have enough surface area to act as a stand for it. The Archos AV is big. It can record from myriad external video sources.

The Archos AV’s connectivity ports are clumped together along the top of the device. One was stolen and I have one in a second home.

Archos AV700 (40GB) DVR

Recording audio and dbr in the field woods to catch wildlife. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s The Bad Expensive; screen looks grainy and washed out; wide-screen content hard to come by; no software CD included; video-conversion tools not optimized for the AV You can automate scheduling by downloading a My Yahoo TV calendar, but it’s a convoluted process that, for many users, isn’t worth the extra effort.

The D-pad navigates you through menus–and games, natch–while the buttons control playback and activate various menus. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted An included adapter cable is required to make these connections and keep you from accidentally plugging the wrong cable into the wrong port.

Hard Drive or Windows Device. Curiously, Archos also supplies Windows Media Player 9, even though the manual focuses mainly on version The Archos AV TV receiver offers battery life of up to 30 hours for music and 4 hours of video playback for entertainment. True to its name, the former enables drag-and-drop file management; it effectively makes the AV function as an external hard drive.


Archos AV700

Its support for PlaysForSure video content av7000 access to online movie rentals, but for the moment, there’s precious little to choose from: Review Sections Review Specs. Of course, the mammoth screen aav700 for most of the bulk: The dual antenna system in this Archos hours recorder allows you to watch TV effortlessly even when in a speeding car.

Of course, finding good video content to play can be a challenge. You may also like. It’s worth noting that to access any of the bundled ombile, which consists primarily of the freeware conversion utility VirtualDub and an Archos front-end, MPEG-4 Translator, you’ll have to put the AV in Hard Drive mode. TiVo Mini Receiver I really like my Av for what I bought it for.