However my post screen only shows the CPU in the list before it hangs picture in my original post shows the furthest i can get. Yes No I don’t have a dog. I see like a barcode thing near the cpu.. Maybe someone else will recognise the board from the pic. Well if you have tried all those ram sticks, and still same issues. I will see if I can do that and all..

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Do you know who made your Motherboard? Gotta make sure tho. I have an old one and it won’t boot unless a keyboard is plugged in at bootup.

Basicly you get post screen. I’ll look to obtaining a single stick of either of the following modula the QVL to put in to see.

How to update Award Modular BIOS v?

Since it technically hangs before the memory test even starts, instead of hanging just after it starts. That was with DDR3 kingston modules I havnt been able to get that to happen again.


I’ll just make myself a new desktop. Ahh good old Dell bios. But i do know the QVL is just what the company has tested and that many others can still work. I’m honestly torn between it being modulzr damaged motherboard,or a very picky motherboard ram compatibility wise. How do I verify it. Or an io issue.

Unplug all HDD’s and optical drives, and test if it boots further then? What can I do to solve the problem except changing my config? It has almost no kingston ram listed in it as being compatible. Thank ytou so much for your help!!! Look for that string.

Then it might be just something with the mobo. Next time you boot try to get that BIOS string.

Unfortunately i v6.000pg have any speaker to attach to the motherboard’s audio to hear beep errors and neither did the dell server i salvaged Award Software International, Inc. But i noticed something. Maybe someone else will recognise the board from the pic.


After checking around and testing here and there.

Main things left io, or storage drives. I agree with Richard.

Intel i845/i845E with Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG chipset motherboard based Award BIOS IDs

Looks bos me that it freezes at initializing your storage drives. No, create an account now. If you really insist on updating the BIOS there should also be a BIOS update application that you can download with the necessary files to do the update. Net is the opinions of its users. And understand that if you do it incorrectly, it’s very possible that the board will never boot v6.0pg again.

I wouldn’t update the BIOS at the stage. Is this a custom built computer?