It supports monitor mode and picked up APs — the fewest overall. What do you mean by “really hack”? Because of these factors, purchasing the right adapter really hinges on how you intend to use your adapter. This will solve ur problem. Its range isn’t as far —only about APs were detected in my first test.

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The 36NEH performed very well for its compact size.


Once again, this adapters signal strength was comparable to the NHA, if just a little weaker — hovering in the upper 90 dBm range. Overall, the 36NHA performs exceptionally well under most circumstances.

Given aaus036neh size and portability, linu makes for a great compact adapter for a more alluring price. Its range was especially impressive, picking up networks in the 10 minute test period. Range and signal strength testing were performed in an apartment complex with a relatively busy wireless environment, running each adapter continuously for 10 minutes. Here below the commands I made and the results: In this case, the NHA shines having the greatest packet injecting performance and a far range.

How to Select a Field-Tested Kali Linux Compatible Wireless Adapter « Null Byte :: WonderHowTo

Besside-ng requires injection to achieve its goal of capturing WPA handshakes. It’s working fine with kernel 3. If it is, then disable it. In case you’re still unsure, the most important questions to keep in mind are:. We’ve tested the black and orange new Alfas and found they couldn’t be used with any Kali tools successfully that required packet injection.


It supports monitor mode, and after 10 minutes, this adapter scanned networks and had a nearly flawless packet injection percentage. However, if you need more information about choosing a wireless adapter for hacking or about your best options for awus0036neh wireless adapterthen might I suggest following those links and giving my fellow Null Byte contributors’ articles a quick study.

To see how the handful of Kali-compatible adapters on the market measure up, I ran aaus036neh series of tests to benchmark and compare their range, signal strength, and ability to enter monitor mode and perform packet injection. In this case, its performance was comparable to that of the 36NH. As for packet injection, the official word from the manufacturer is that it does NOT support packet injection.

This may be contrary to what you’ve read elsewhere online or even experienced yourself while using this adapter. At this point, reliable packet injection would be out of the question. It supports monitor mode, picked up networks, and performed moderately reliable packet injection.

It supports monitor mode and picked up APs — the fewest overall. Has anyone qwus036neh experience of the AC? U should be reject the adapter and then put it in.

Anyone who can help? Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts. Choosing a wireless adapter for your hacking needs comes down to several factors.


Alfa AWUS036NEH Free Driver Download

It’s important to keep in mind what’s between you and an AP you may be targeting. What do you mean by “really hack”? It should get the job done in most cases, but the more recent models are probably a safer bet.

Its signal strength at around feet from the AP dropped to the 80—90 dBm range, making it only linuux more useful if you’re in need of a couple extra feet in strength. Check if rf kill is enabled using rfkill. But hunting online for one can be a frustrating experience.

However, some users have reported that it cannot. The 36NH does support monitor mode and has an impressive range, with APs picked up during my first test. Thanks for writing such a great article.

Just linx to say that the 51NHv2 does support injection, but the drivers are still a WIP for it, as the VM version of Kali can do packet injection with this adapter, but the bare metal version or Kali cannot from what I have heard.