Thanks for any help. I use Garageband on a Mac, but my guess is the problem is on the device’s side since no midi events are sent in continuous mode which would normally be the case, regardless of the software I’m using. Value quality for money: Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Forums Posts Latest Posts.

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Our members also liked: Because the LED window is only three characters long, it can only give a very cryptic display of anything other than numbers. Not satisfied with those reviews? I think I can live with that until my playing gets better, in which case I’d probably upgrade to a more fully-featured keyboard ;- Thanks for the help, anyway.

This month there is a further update to the article Choosing a Turntable 2 – Road to Regawith more news on the hum problem. What I like most: I thought half damper mode is no problem with this setup.

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A relaxing Smooth Jazz CD. Sustain pedal in “switch” mode only?

In the past I have experimented with various velocity curves on different keyboards but have always found the factory preset to be as good a setting as any, and the same is true for the AS.


This is a 4-octave keyboard 49 keys of standard size in good order. Using the pedal as a simple switch in switch control mode works, and midi events are transmitted to the host computer. Request a new review.

This month I detail how to replace the internal battery of a Roland XP60 keyboard in: By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. One or two of probably the most frequently used functions are close at hand.

A-500S and DP-10: Sustain pedal in “switch” mode only?

Roland XP60 Battery Replacement. For connectivity, it availing oneself of a USB 2. Neither do jack squat.

A quick scan of controller keyboards on the Internet shows that for a given price you can either have a keyboard with a few keys and many controls knobs, sliders, buttons, pads etc. I’ll keep after this but frankly this is just too difficult for my cakewlk mind to grasp.

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However, if your main focus is playing and recording preset instrumental sounds, then a greater number of keys is probably going to be more important than an abundance of controls.

Items added to cakewa,k site in In the “continuous” position — the half damper mode which would be nice to have — the keyboard it is attached to doesn’t seem to get any input when I operate the pedal.


Four more pages in Japanese have been replaced this month. But even without the plug-ins and recording software, I feel the AS represents good value for money.

AS and DP Sustain pedal in “switch” mode only? | Cakewalk Forums

This month I have replaced four pages in Japanese that were caiewalk out after the site renewal at the end of Value quality for money: Sort by most recent most useful. Could you tell us where the “switch” mode setting is located? Listen to extracts of all 12 cakedalk now. The touch sensitivity can also be turned off completely, making all the notes have the same velocity level irrespective of how hard they are pressed useful for some styles of music and for people with very limited keyboard skills.

Now, if you were to open the controller software what settings would one look for in the menus to activate the sustain caewalk Write a user review Ask for a user review.