This allows for ultimate protection, allowing up to two drives to fail, with the loss of any data. There is no capacity limitation to any single chassis. So, I let it do it’s thing while I ate dinner, played with the kids, and tucked them into bed. These speeds are roughly 5 times faster that traditional fibre solutions. It was already configured When I hit 5 streams I encountered the dark green render bar, which means high quality playback.

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Throughput is up to 20 Gbps with no delay, making the HDPro about 5 times faster than traditional fibre channel solutions.

There is also an audible alert to signal any system, controller, or drive failure. They were all tucked into little cut out sections of the packing foam that encased the drive chassis. With today’s advanced mobile technology there is more and more of ppro demand for storage on the go. Each hard drive connects to a dedicated SATA channel, eliminating bottlenecks and maximizes the connection.

With portable drives universal connectivity is very important.

CalDigit 4TB HDPro External Hard Drive Array (Desktop) E

Other drives are not guaranteed to work. But, it kept merrily match capturing ExpressCard not included close. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Every time I came back, it was running. If you took two GB drives and striped them as RAID 1, you’d have a GB drive, but the information would be secure because the information on one drive is copied to the other drive as well. Product contains electronic documentation.


Was that a REAL test? For more information, please visit this products webpage. Each HDPro features an environmental processor that monitors and manages all aspects of the system, such as the hard drives, RAID arrays, controllers, controller cache, fans, temperature, power supplies and enclosure conditions.

Enough with the schooling Comes with standard CalDigit 1 Year Warranty. RAID 5 stripes both data and parity information across three or more drives.

The HDPro is designed to run without down time. I don’t understand the inner workings of the engineering. With just a glance, the user can easily monitor caldifit status of the HDPro Manual Driver for Windows.

CalDigit HDPro-24

One or more of the HDPros can be added to the SuperShare storage pool providing blazing fast, protected storage to multiple users. CalDigit includes a handy little pamphlet on how to do this, so I won’t go into the boring details.

The first 4 streams gave me no render bar whatsoever. There is a pinhole that you need to push an included tool into or a paperclip if you lost the tool and that pops open the handle that you then use to disengage the drive and pull it from the chassis. This results in performance that exceeds calcigit needs of the most demanding video and content creation software.


CalDigit HD Pro RAID System Enclosure Model Hdpro-dtb | eBay

The purchase of your HDPro is just the beginning. The Tuff is a IP57 certified device. Other storage devices only support one or the other. Not only this, but our cables are manufactured to the highest of standards.

A sort of manual RAID 1. Since it capdigit getting late, and I had work in the morning, I just let it play this footage as I went to bed, setting Final Cut Pro to loop the footage did I mention I was testing this with Final Cut Pro? I didn’t turn it off.