Very happy with this club. The feel is exceptional and the sound is great. Effectively this allows the face to flex more at impact and enables weight that is removed from between the ribs to be useful elsewhere the head. However this came in a hollow, closed cavity design that was on the bootylicious side. This is a really good shaft and I was pleased to see a nice dark finish to it as well. Why go for a forged or semi blades when you get everything in the XR. The ball just flies off the face!

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I tried these at the weekend at an open day at my local range.

Callaway X2 Hot Irons – Callaway Iron Sets – Golfbidder

Needless to say, I even got to customize a set just for my swing. It actually feels like a forged one. I have tried newer irons and have not loved any czllaway yet I’m looking as I want to play a cool iron that is comparable. On Trackman at a Callaway fitting session the ball spin was around rpm more than the Big Bertha Alpha I reviewed recentlywhich was to be expected.

Finally, the new feature you can see is the Speed Step Crown where a double ridge is embossed from the inside of the head to help reduce turbulence and get it moving faster through the air. I am 75 and somewhat set in my ways.

Despite, or maybe because of this slimmed down approach, the X2 Hot was a driver for all golfers from Tour Pro’s to mid handicappers and the XR driver successfully follows in its footsteps. Callaway claim it is 2. Retail Partners Click For Price.

They hit sweet as butter but I battled them as you needed to hit it sweet for good shots. You don’t see the cavity at address and the medium off set is not cllaway issue as it so good to handle and gives excellent control.


The sound was also traditional Callaway, with a lovely zing at impact and really good feel. I tried the 7 iron on the launch monitor and immediately saw that I was hitting it around callawzy consistently with an occasional yard shot.

Just get the right loft and swing, because it takes over and does the rest thanks to a very forgiving face that looks and sounds great. Overall for me and my mph swing speed, it was spinning in the mid ‘s which is still good. With single clubs driver, fairways, hybrids, etc.

These Callaway XR irons are amazing, even the mishits, which fly really high and long. Although I only hit a 7 iron I loved the weight and feel.

Start swinging the XR irons and you immediately feel the benefit of the speed features as there is almost a slingshot feel at impact from the lovely large heads.

Callaway XR Irons Review

During a launch briefing from Callaway I was shown video of the speed step moving through one of these wind chambers and the pattern of air flow changed markedly, particularly over the toe section of the crown. They play about a club longer than my previous set, which really is causing a gapping vallaway. While I have made changes in my woods, I am sticking with my XR’s for next year. On shorter par 4 holes I tee off with my callaeay iron -really amazing product.

Just bought the XR. But the main difference is the consistency, it was hard to hit ccallaway bad one! If you have read my review of the Callaway XR irons then you will already know that Callaway has brought over the Cup face and the Internal Callsway Wave from woods via the Callaway Big Bertha irons. I’m a low handicapper and usually go for the smaller headed drivers but I liked the look of this so I thought I would take a chance.


But I am afraid I am going to give some tough love here, which is hard as I really wanted to celebrate the return of the Callaway Pro series to the top of the charts. This is effectively a line of metal looking sr2 a breaking wave that moves the CG lower and forward and increases the MOIbut stands alone and does not touch the face.

Callaway XR Driver Review – Golfalot

Will need to look at wedges as may be better options for me out there but 6 through 9 I don’t carry a 5 use a hybrid I will be ordering next pay day.

While I wasn’t expecting this type of distance gain, what I really like is the feel when I put a good swing on it. As you go up the set though the increasing size of the cavity started to make the irons sound and feel a little duller to me, which was a bit of a shame as I cannot fault the performance.

I didn’t have distances to gauge but I know I was hitting it further than my xg2 irons. At address there is a medium amount of offset and a thick top line just like the X2 Hot iron it replaces and I think it looks very good for an iron of this type.

I get yards farther carry, on average.